Monday, July 31, 2006

The Battle for Private Property is Not Over

News from the state task force studying eminent domain.

Profiles in Dumb Political Reporting

As seen in the Akron Beacon Journal:

Auditor seen as must-win by both sides
Democrat Barbara Sykes, Republican Mary Taylor in high-stakes election
By Patrick Cain
Beacon Journal Columbus bureau

COLUMBUS -- The race for the next state auditor could be the biggest deal that nobody's heard about.

So far, the race has been low-key, but insiders call it a must-win.

Please tell me, what race is a "must lose?"

Dirty Campaign Ads

The Athens News reprints a Columbus Other Paper story which purports that Republicans are better at producing negative, slimy campaign ads than Democrats.

The worst two campaign ads ever were produced not by those Republicans hatemongers, but leftist Democrats. The LBJ "Daisy" commercial which claimed that a vote for Barry Goldwater was a vote for nuclear holocaust and, in my mind, the worst of all: the "Chains" ad. Used against George W. Bush in the 2000 campaign, the NAACP accused then Texas Governor George Bush of complicity in the dragging death of a black man.

Compared to that, Republicans are pussy cats.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Boehner hypocracy on pork spending

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Here's what Congressman John Boehner has to say about bringing home pork to his own district:
Boehner, 56, shakes his head at the complaints. They are not new. He has refused to get so-called "pork" projects for the 8th Congressional District, which stretches from Butler County north to Mercer County, since he was elected in 1990.

"Look, we're broke," he said. "The federal government is continuing to spend more money than we bring in and the earmarking for local projects only makes the problem worse."

So much for living up to that quote.

Now, Boehner's stance on bringing home the bacon a great stance to have as long as you vote against other pork spending projects. The problem is, Boehner scored 0 out of 19 on the Jeff Flake anti-pork scorecard. The scorecard is compromised of nineteen amendments to bills that Flake put to individual votes; each amendment being for a different pork project. In effect, Boehner voted to approve nineteen pork spending projects.

Don't get me wrong, I think Boehner is an oustanding Congressman, and I'm going to vote for him this November. But, if he is against bringing home pork for his own district, why does he vote for other people's pork projects? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

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Montgomery Calls for Legislation to Strengthen Ohio's Sex Offender Laws

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
Ohio Attorney General candidate Betty Montgomery joined with State Senator Steve Stivers (R-Columbus) in a news conference today to propose legislation increasing penalties for sex offenders who fail to register with local law enforcement. State Representative Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster), Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O'Brien and Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp were also present at the news conference to show their support for the proposed legislation.
"It's critical to the safety of our communities and our families that every designated sex offender registers with our county sheriffs," Montgomery said. "Too many of these criminals are slipping through the cracks, leaving citizens in the dark and in danger."

The proposal comes one day after President Bush signed the "Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act." The new federal law, among other things, creates a national sex offender registry, designates funding for states to participate in the registry and increases penalties for sex offenders who fail to register.

A former two-term attorney general, Montgomery pledged to, if elected, take a national leadership role through her long-time contacts with the National Association of Attorneys General and other state attorneys general to give states a voice in the process of implementing the new federal law. Stivers plans to take the lead in making Ohio's sex offense laws a national model.

Working with Senator Stivers and Representative Schaffer, Montgomery also proposed amending Ohio's sex offender registration laws to increase the penalties for failure to register as a sex offender. Out of Ohio's approximately 15,000 sex offenders, more than 730 have failed to register with local law enforcement.

Under her plan, failure to register would carry the same penalty as the underlying sex offense for which the offender was convicted. For the most dangerous offenders, failure to register would be a first degree felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. Current law caps failure to register at a third-degree felony.

Her proposal would also require offenders who repeatedly fail to register to serve mandatory minimum prison sentences. Under current law, judges have the option of giving probation to offenders who repeatedly fail to register.

"Ohioans demand we track the location of known sex offenders," Stivers said. "This proposal simplifies and strengthens current law, makes it easier for local law enforcement to protect their communities, and sends a strong message to offenders that the state takes registration requirements seriously."

As a former State Senator and Attorney General, Montgomery has a long history of working to strengthen Ohio's sex offense laws. In the Senate, she served as Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Subcommittee and helped write several laws toughening penalties for sex offenders. As Attorney General, Montgomery wrote Ohio's version of Megan's law, creating the state's first sex offender database.

A Taxpayer Hero or a Zero?

Is your representative a Taxpayer Hero? Or are they downright hostile? Citizens Against Government Waste has released its scorecard for 2005 and Buckeyes who demand responsible government have much to weep over. Below is the CAGW list of Ohio’s representatives and the scores that they received (the higher the number, more responsible the spender). The Taxpayer Heroes have been bolded:

Tiberi, Pat (R) 70%
Turner, Michael (R) 59%
Boehner, John (R) 73%
Brown, Sherrod (D) 9%
Chabot, Steve (R) 85%
Gillmor, Paul (R) 71%
Hobson, David (R) 66%
Jones, Stephanie (D) 6%
Kaptur, Marcy (D) 9%
Kucinich, Dennis (D) 9%
LaTourette, Steven (R) 52%
Ney, Robert (R) 59%
Oxley, Michael (R) 66%
Portman, Rob (R) 100%
Pryce, Deborah (R) 70%
Regula, Ralph (R) 65%
Ryan, Timothy (D) 15%
Schmidt, Jean (R) 80%
Strickland, Ted (D) 9%

No real mystery when it comes to our senators:

DeWine, Mike (R) 42%
Voinovich, George (R) 50%

NOTES: Rob Portman's and Jean Schmidt's numbers are based upon partial terms.

Ted Strickland, the Democrat candidate for governor, and Sherrod Brown, the Democrat candidate for US Senate, have both been ruled "hostile" to taxpayers.

Bigotry Updated

The Ohio Republican Party has fired Gary Lankford, the writer of the "Ted Strickland is gay" e-mail.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

The chairman of the Ohio Republican Party fired an employee yesterday for disseminating a disparaging e-mail about Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ted Strickland and his wife.

Robert T. Bennett also issued a letter of apology to Strickland, saying the e-mail suggesting that the Stricklands are gay "was in no way authorized nor condoned by me or any member of my senior staff."

Bennett dismissed Gary Lankford, hired this month as the party’s "social conservative coordinator," for sending the e-mail titled "10 Things to Know About Ted Strickland." The e-mail linked readers to a Web log that directly questions the sexual orientation of Strickland and his wife, Frances.

"Ohioans expect and deserve a competitive contest for governor focused on the substantive issues important to leading our state," Bennett said in his letter of apology to Strickland. "While public records, comments, platforms and proposals are fair game, we will not engage in rumor and innuendo."

Bravo, Mr. Bennett; you did the right thing. To my disappointment, Ted Strickland's response left much to be desired:

Strickland called the firing of Lankford "appropriate" but said it seemed more than coincidental that before being hired by the Ohio GOP, Lankford had worked for Republican gubernatorial nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell and was a board member of the Ohio Restoration Project, a conservative religious group that has featured Blackwell at its meetings.

Despite Bennett’s apology, Strickland said the rumor still has been spread, and he doubted that Bennett would have apologized if the party hadn’t "got caught."

"I think more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the so-called ‘swiftboating’ that occurs in political campaigns and I think the electorate is becoming a little more sophisticated about that. This may have damaged me, but it may have damaged those who engaged in it much more."

Let us leave aside for a moment the quiet attempt to equate the factual complaints from shipmates of former presidential candidate John Kerry to another political verb -- borking (The charges against Robert Bork were untrue). Mr. Strickland’s response is, I suppose, befitting an ordained minister who ministers unto no one. At least his response to the attacks on his person is better than his non-response to the blatant racism of his fellow Democrats:

In his letter, Bennett also urged Strickland "to publicly condemn the racially motivated hate campaign being waged by members of your Democratic Party against" Blackwell, who is black.

Strickland said he was unaware of such tactics, especially by anyone affiliated with his campaign or the state party.

"If they are doing things as (Bennett) describes, I would certainly object to that and condemn it," Strickland said.

There is no limit to the list of crummy things that leftist operatives have done of which Democrat campaigns are "unaware." The standard operating procedure of every Democrat campaign in memory is to claim "ignorance" and do absolutely nothing about the hatred dished in their name.

I must say Mr. Strickland, I expected better from you. You and Mr. Lankford are two peas in a pod. If you do nothing about this racist literature, you are no better than he.

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Blogs for Blackwell

Not trying to pimp out my own site or try and undercut the SOB Alliance blogroll, but I've begun a new blogroll at my own site: Blogs for Blackwell

You can go there and read more on how to join and stuff. Yeah.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Ohio gubernatorial campaign has gotten ugly earlier than I thought it would as supporters on both sides are reaching for the muck.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Responding to what Democrats and a political expert alike are calling a smear campaign, the state Republican Party is verbally disavowing an e-mail sent by one of its staffers that makes personal allegations against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland and his wife.

But Republican Party officials did not distribute a follow-up e-mail or take any other action to repudiate the e-mail, which suggests that the Strickland’s are gay.

Among other things, the e-mail says Strickland married his wife, Frances, at 46, has no children and lives apart from her. It also links readers to an Internet blog that directly questions the sexual orientation of both Stricklands and notes accusations he is "soft on those who sexually assault children."

Party spokesman John McClelland said the message was sent without party approval, isn’t part of the party’s strategy, and that the party has made it clear that all future messages must be vetted before they are distributed.

"He was acting on his own," McClelland said. "Ted Strickland’s record is bad enough on its own merits; we don’t need to add anything to it."

While it surprises me that The Dispatch spends so few words covering it (NOT!), the Democrats have their own haters on their hands:

Meanwhile, Republicans are complaining about a flier reportedly distributed by a Cleveland group calling itself "Blacks against Blackwell."

It reportedly links Blackwell, President Bush and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and says, "Our color — but not our kind" while urging a vote for Strickland.

Strickland’s campaign had nothing to do with the flier, a spokesman said. Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said he hopes Strickland would reject such tactics, and that Blackwell doesn’t support the tactics used by Lankford.

I am much more worried about Ted Strickland using the power of government schools to force my children to spout the radical gay movement's approved views on homosexuality than I am about Mr. Strickland’s personal life. These attacks on Strickland are unwarranted and below the belt. While I am pleased that the ORP have disavowed these ugly rumors, Mr. Lankford should have never been put in a position where he could use ORP equipment for such filth.

As for the "blacker than thou" nonsense coming from Democrat operatives in Cleveland, I demand that The Dispatch and other newspapers report and condemn these racist attacks with at least the same enthusiasm mustered over this Lankford nonsense.

I appeal directly to you Mr. Strickland: While I am sure that we disagree on much more than we agree on, could we please find common ground on our hatred for racism? Our country has endured too much racial bitterness for us to allow this flyer to go unchallenged. I call on you to personally disavow this line of attack and demand that your supporters refrain from spreading hate.

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Sandra O'Brien Interview

State of Ohio Blog Alliance member VikingSpirit interviewed Sandra O'Brien, Republican candidate for Ohio Treasurer -- check it out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Win for Private Property

From the AP via the Dayton Daily News:

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday that a Cincinnati suburb cannot take private property by eminent domain for a $125 million project of offices, shops and restaurants.

The case was the first challenge of property rights laws to reach a state high court since the U.S. Supreme Court last summer allowed municipalities to seize homes for use by a private developer.

The case involves the city of Norwood, which used its power of eminent domain to seize properties holding out against private development in an area considered to be deteriorating.

The court found that economic development isn't a sufficient reason under the state constitution to justify taking homes.

In the ruling, Justice Maureen O'Connor said cities may consider economic benefits but that courts deciding such cases in the future must "apply heightened scrutiny" to assure private citizens' property rights.

Targeting property because it is in a deteriorating area also is unconstitutional because the term is too vague and requires speculation, the court found.

Defenders of freedom should not rest and the General Assembly should be pressured to pass legislation which ensures that "public use" in Ohio is interpreted in the conservative fashion. In other words: the Constitution means what it says. If you will remember, liberal justices on the Supreme Court of the United States ruled back in June of 2005 that the government had the constitutional power to take your land without your permission and give it to large corporations.

While not a total victory in that the decision allows the government to "consider economic benefits," truth, justice and the American way seldom seem to win out anymore and I am extremely happy with this decision.

I just feel bad for Ohio's Democrats. How are they supposed to get corporate campaign contributions if they can't steal our property?

Strickland's 'Scorecard'

From the Dayton Daily News:

If elected governor, Democrat Ted Strickland wants Ohioans to know what kind of bang they're getting for their taxpayer buck.

Strickland, a U.S. House member from Lisbon, on Monday announced he would create an annual "State Results Scorecard" to be displayed on the state Web site with information on how state dollars are spent and an evaluation of results.

Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, Strickland's Republican opponent, said the proposals sound like ideas Gov. Bob Taft has "rolled out in previous years."

"Ohio's economy is sinking and Ted Strickland proposes rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic," LoParo said. "He won't cut taxes and he certainly won't make Ohio's economic environment attractive to job creation."

Far be it from me to react cynically to a Strickland proposal, but why does the phrase "useless propaganda" come rushing to my mind?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

Palestinian “Day of Rage”

Over Sec. Rice’s visit to Lebanon. Well, I’m kinda annoyed about this visit as well, since I think that more time is needed for Israel to take out the Hezbollah* trash.

But how, exactly, is this different from any other day in Gaza or the West Bank? Seems like every day is a “day of rage”. If they want to get any attention, they should stage a day of “Going peacefully to work, school, and worship”. Now, that would be news.

*Current crisis was precipitated when Israel finally realized that ‘Hezbollah’ and ‘Hizbollah’ were the same group of terrorists.

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Mike DeWine is Right

I sure as heck don't get to say that very often!

Ohio Spend-O-Meter

I don't want to depress you so early on a Monday morning, but The Buckeye Institute's state spending figures may do just that:

Total Amount Authorized for Appropriation in FY-2007:


This results in an average spending rate of:

$2,162,759,385.16 per month
$499,098,319.65 per week
$71,104,418.14 per day
$2,962,684.08 per hour
$49,378.06 per minute
$822.97 per second

The dollars are flying so fast that I'm getting dizzy!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Dixie Allen "Controversy"

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right Angle Blog.

Despite the claims from liberals that Dixie Allen is free to choose her own party (gee, how mighty white of them!), I sense an undercurrent of drama in Ohio's loony-left. The latest comes from the Dayton Daily News which not only devotes the "talents" of its in-house cartoonist to her party switch, but today's editorial page as well.

From an editorial by the Daily News:

Montgomery County Republicans positively struggled to find someone who wanted to replace Vicki Pegg on the Montgomery County Commission. That job shouldn't go wanting.

Montgomery County Republican Chairman John White says he looked high and low before he decided to go after state Rep. Dixie Allen, a Democrat who he had heard was unhappy with how her party has treated her and its stand on certain issues. She needed no coaxing, Mr. White said, to switch over.

Mrs. Allen is entitled to align herself with whomever she chooses. A person can change her mind, even at 71, even after being elected four times as a Democrat in a district where, if she had been a Republican, she could not have won in the first place.

But even though Republicans now have a candidate, that doesn't change the fact that Rep. Allen was their Plan G. They didn't have anyone lined up and ready to go, notwithstanding that Mrs. Pegg has been making noises about retiring for months.

Look, Dixie Allen comes down a little to the left of me (who doesn't?!), but she is not exactly a founding member of the loony left. Compared to the voting record of some liberal Republicans in and outside Ohio, I frankly welcome the addition of Dixie Allen to the Republican team with open arms. She is one of the few Republicans who can now be called "moderate." If you doubt me, check your tax bill!

As a father of five children, I am eternally grateful for her hard work in ensuring that at least some parents in Ohio will have the choice to remove their children from decaying schools and to send them to a loving, educational environment.

I know that my opinion of the Democrat Party may have been colored by history (no pun intended), but I cannot help but suspect that Dixie Allen would not be receiving the treatment she is if she was not black. I realize Democrats believe that they have a God-given right to the loyalty of all black Americans, but there are more than a few black folks who disagree. May they all have the strength and grace that Ms. Allen has shown.

Welcome home!

NOTE: Excerpts from an interview that the Daily News conducted with Dixie Allen may be viewed here.

Behaving Badly

NOTE: As commenter Jason Sonenshein so kindly noted, Mike Ferner was incorrectly labeled a Democrat when in fact he is an independent who acts like a Democrat. The post has been corrected.

From The Blade:

Peace activist and former Toledo mayoral candidate Mike Ferner was convicted yesterday in Lucas County Common Pleas Court of defacing a state highway bridge with anti-war graffiti.

A jury took less than 20 minutes to find Ferner guilty of felony vandalism and possession of criminal tools for spray painting "Troops Out Now!" on the Central Avenue overpass on I-475/U.S. 23 in Sylvania Township on New Year's Day.

Ferner had the opportunity to resolve the case months ago by pleading to a misdemeanor charge in Sylvania Municipal Court. He said last night that he didn't regret going to trial and was willing to accept any punishment that Judge Wittenberg would impose.

"I saw this trial as a way to once again bring up to the public, in a nonviolent way, the atrocities that are going on in Iraq. I thought this was another opportunity to make the case against the war in another public forum. I am glad that I took that opportunity," he said.

Somehow, I doubt that when he mentions "atrocities" he's talking about the beheadings by Al Qaeda and bombings at funerals.

"Peace activist" my...

George Voinovich: Cryin' No More?

Sen. Voinovich has "seen the light" and now supports the renomination of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

His Washington Post column.

Why do they keep saying Strickland is a moderate?

Answer: It's the only way Strickland can possibly win.

Apparently that's the calculation both the media and liberal Democrats have made.

So at least they acknowledge, albeit underhandedly, that in Ohio Liberalism is a big loser.

Or else why wouldn't they stand proudly on Strickland's voting record.

I take apart the latest Strickland moderate article here at

Anyway, I realized I haven't posted for awhile. But I just haven't gotten much into politics this summer, knowing that it's going to be an interesting fall.

Overall I'm very sanguine on Blackwell's chances. I think he's positioned well for a great run and a win.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boehner on Embryonic Stem Cell Veto

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today made the following statement on the House floor praising President Bush's decision to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (H.R. 810):
"The President today used the veto authority for the first time in his presidency. Yesterday Congress sent him two bills relating to emerging medical research involving the use of so-called stem cells. Today the President signed one of those bills, while vetoing the second. A third bill was supported by a majority of House members last night but did not capture the two-thirds vote necessary under suspension.

"The bill signed into law by the President today is a positive step forward, and I remain hopeful we can re-consider the other measure at some point in the future. Our colleagues Roscoe Bartlett, Phil Gingrey, Nathan Deal, and Dave Weldon deserve great credit for their hard work on these two measures. Their work bring new hope in the struggle to find cures that have eluded medical researchers for decades as they've searched for ways to defeat serious disease.

"The President's decision to veto the legislation authored by my friend from Delaware, Mr. Castle, should come as a surprise to no one. More than a year ago, President Bush warned the bill "would take us across a critical ethical line by creating new incentives for the ongoing destruction of emerging human life." Crossing this line, the President said, would be a great mistake.

"As the President also noted a year ago, there is really no such thing as a "spare embryo." Every man and woman in this chamber began life as an embryo identical to those destroyed through the process known as embryonic stem cell research. The embryos at issue in this debate are fully capable of growing and being born as healthy babies with loving parents. The notion that embryonic stem cell research relies on "spare embryos" that have no value beyond their possibilities for medical research is tragically and deceptively wrong.

"Many opponents of the President's decision today are driven by a passion for the preservation of human life and the desire to speed development of cures to chronic diseases. I have great respect for their commitment to this goal. It's a goal we all share. But passion for the preservation of human life is incomplete if that passion does not extend to the most vulnerable form of human life. It is wrong to force Americans to allow their tax dollars to subsidize medical research that depends on the destruction of human embryos. The Congress sent the President a bill that would expand the use of federal tax dollars for this practice. And the President rightly used his veto power to reject it.

"Because the vetoed bill originated in the House, the Constitution gives us the duty of receiving the President's veto message and initiating any legislative response. Having now been notified of the President's action, the House will now immediately consider the question of whether to override the President's veto -- which would require a two-thirds vote -- or to sustain it. For the reasons I've just articulated, I would urge my colleagues to join me in voting against the motion to override. No just society should condone the destruction of innocent life, even in the name of medical research. The President was right to veto this bill. It would be wrong for this House to overrule the President's decision by voting to override."

This Just In... Pres. Bush's First Veto!

Pres. Bush, as promised, has vetoed federal funding for the destruction of human life via embryonic stem-cell research.

Good job, Mr. President!

Boehner on...

John Boehner is/was scheduled to speak at the Heritage Foundation today. I received some quotes from the speech as it was prepared:
Boehner on the Big Issues:

"On the big issues of the day - the economy, taxes, border security, and the Global War on Terror - there is a very clear choice between Republicans and Democrats. Fundamentally, the big difference between Republican and Democrats is how we look at the future. We believe in a future built on pillars of freedom and responsibility, in which the initiative of millions of Americans is unleashed to improve the quality of all our lives beyond what we can currently imagine. Because we believe in that future, we're willing to do the hard work necessary to get there and provide solutions on the budget, to keep taxes low, to secure our nation's borders, and to win the Global War on Terror."

Boehner on Global Threats:

"Whether it's in Iraq, Israel, or in North Korea, the resolve of the United States is always being tested. The American people want their leaders to be decisive in the face of adversity, to lead with the courage of their convictions. And perhaps most importantly, the American people deserve to hear how their elected leaders will keep America safe in a post-9/11 world.

"We are charged with guiding America's ideals and protecting American lives in an ever-changing world with dangerous threats that are forever adapting. What cannot change, what cannot waver and what will never falter is our determination to confront and defeat rogue regimes and radical movements that have set democracy and liberty square in their sights and targeted them for destruction.

"As Republicans, we recognize this important charge. It's important to note what separates Republicans from Capitol Hill Democrats. Republicans recognize the threat and have constructed policies reliant on strength and purpose. Democrats have instead blundered towards an empty and cosmetic mindset that underscores a shared devotion to a weak and indecisive foreign policy forever queasy about America's role in the world."

Boehner on Border Security:

"Probably the most pressing domestic issue on our agenda is border security and shutting down the flow of illegal immigration into our cities and states. House Republicans have worked to fix our broken immigration system by passing a strong bill that secures our borders & strictly enforces our laws. Real reform means re-establishing basic respect for America's immigration laws."

Boehner on Fiscal Restraint and Budget Reform:

"House Republicans continue to make fiscal restraint a top priority, passing the line-item veto, cutting 95 federal programs, and approving a fiscally responsible budget while rejecting Democrats' calls for higher taxes and some $45.2 billion in wasteful spending. And while there are members in both parties who are reluctant to change the system, we've passed strong earmark reforms that are essential to changing the way Washington has worked for decades.

"Unfortunately, there has been little desire from Democrats to join Republicans in exercising fiscal restraint. Minority Leader Pelosi recently spoke out against the practice of earmarking millions for home-state projects, yet she's bragged about nearly $500 million in earmarks in her own press releases."

Carnival of Ohio Politics #32

It's up -- check it out.

Number 32? I'm sure glad he doesn't use Roman numerals!


Justin from Right on the Right, an SOB Alliance member, has been blogging for a year! Go on over at give him an SOB shout out.

Should Blackwell Step Down?

I got an email from the Ken Blackwell campaign that really sparked my interest. Apparently, Democrats are throwing the temper tantrum from Hades that an elected official-the secretary of state, nonetheless-is running for the office of governor.

Sen. Hillary Clinton gave it fuel when she was in Ohio the other day.

"I find it amazing that one of the people running for high office is actually running
the elections," she said. "That should not be permitted."

First off, why does a senator from Arkansas who claims to be from New York have any business commenting on Ohio politics at all? Is she so sure of her Senatorial victory that she has time to jetset across the continental 48 to keep Repubs on the run?
I think not.

However, the Hildebeast isn't the target of this post. The stupidity of some Democrats is. For example:

U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, Democratic candidate for governor, says his opponent
should give up his role, having demonstrated that he can't be trusted.

Mr. Strickland, I've been in Ohio for less than six months and I already know that Secretary Blackwell is much more trustworthy than you.

The email, and the quotes I've used here, are from a Dayton Daily News editorial (surprising considering I find the DDN to be a veeeeeeeery liberal newspaper) explaining the stupidity of the Dems' position. More from the editorial:

For one thing, secretary of state is an elective office. If Democrats
didn't want Mr. Blackwell to have it, they needed to beat him. They can't lose
an election and then demand that their vanquisher curtail his own
responsibilities. At least they can't without looking absurd.

I agree wholeheartedly.

If you read my blog (, you know that I recently relocated to Ohio (as I mentioned above, about five months ago) from Missouri where our governor there, Matt Blunt, served as secretary of state prior to his election. However, since Ohio is considered by many to be the Ultimate Swing State of Doom, I guess I can see why local, state, and national Democrats are raising such a fuss where they did not in Missouri.

Excuse me for being partisan, but I see a standard Democratic tactic at work here. Ignore the issues, focus on the candidate. It's the same game they played in 2004 with John Kerry; the only problem here is they actually have a chance of pulling it off this time.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A New Career for an SOB Member?

From The Blade:

She broke for news and sports, got bullish with the stock report, even did her own weather. But after three hours of drive-time radio, Maggie Thurber says she's keeping her day job.

Ms. Thurber, a Republican Lucas County commissioner not seeking re-election this year, guest-hosted WSPD-AM's afternoon talk show yesterday. Except for a couple of script stumbles -- such as how, precisely, to introduce the traffic guy -- she breezed through segments on blogging, a proposed Toledo "point of sale" ordinance, flooding response, and nonprofit dental care.

In a light moment, she complimented WSPD staff on her intro music. The tunes included snippets of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama," which Ms. Thurber noted was named one of the top 50 rock songs for conservatives, and rapper Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day" (sample lyric: "Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp / And it read, 'Ice Cube's a Pimp.'"), which did not make the list.

Though she said she was "having a great time doing this," Ms. Thurber told listeners she'd finish her commission term before deciding what career -- broadcast or otherwise -- to pursue next. She said it was tough to juggle papers, producers, and on-air procedure.


Ohio Senators Do Something Right?

Both Senators DeWine and Voinovich voted against the tax-payer supported destruction of innocent human life through embryonic stem-cell research.

For those looking towards 2008, Virginia's George Allen also voted "no" while Arizona's John McCain voted "yea." Something to file away for your later consideration.

Montgomery Gets Padgett

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
Today, the Montgomery Campaign announced that State Senator Joy Padgett will be joining its grassroots team as a Regional Chair.
"We are honored to have Joy Padgett as part of our grassroots leadership," said Montgomery. "Joy has been a strong, effective voice for her constituents in Southeast Ohio. She will make a valuable contribution to our team by providing strategic insight on issues that are important to her region."

Padgett, a Republican from Coshocton, has represented the 20th district in the Ohio Senate since 2004. Her district includes Coshocton, Guernsey, Muskingum, Noble, Monroe, Morgan, Washington, Athens and Meigs counties. Padgett was also elected to four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives (1992-1999). Between her time in the House and Senate, Padgett served as the director of the Office of Appalachia, a division within the Ohio Department of Development that represents the interests of Ohio’s 29 Appalachian counties.

"I'm excited to be part of the Montgomery team," said Padgett. "I, along with thousands of others in Southeast Ohio, strongly support Betty's campaign. I look forward to helping her expand the impressive support she has established in this region, as well as the commanding lead she holds over her opponent."

In addition to working with the Montgomery team to best address issues that concern Southeast Ohio, Padgett will represent Montgomery at regional events and speak on her behalf. She is the latest addition to an impressive grassroots organization. The Montgomery campaign has county chairs in all of Ohio's 88 counties, as well as regional chairs throughout the state.
Joy Padgett single-handedly made the Petro campaign viable in the late stages of the primary. This is a strong addition to Team Montgomery.

Survey USA Does OH-13

WKYC-TV in Cleveland commissioned Survey USA to do this poll which shows Republican Craig Foltin trailing Democrat Betty Sutton by 18 points.

As usual, Survey USA embarked to find "likely" voters, which means they asked 700 people and found 404... Also as usual, the numbers are not a good sample. As usual, Democrats are over sampled as are whites.

Here is the good news: Foltin has more support than Republicans surveyed. Independents are going for Foltin and Kennedy, but all of the undecideds would have to break towards Foltin in order for him to win. That is, if you think these numbers mean anything, which I don't...

Boehner in National Review

Majority Leader John Boehner has an article in National Review that highlights his trip to Iraq as well as his meeting with Brandon Johnson, a 21-year-old soldier from West Chester, Ohio who is serving in Iraq.

Monday, July 17, 2006

OH6: Charlie Wilson "Poster Boy for Ineptitude"

This just in from the Blasdel campaign:
6th Congressional District candidate Charlie Wilson spent more than $1 million just to get his name on the ballot after an embarrassing petition foul-up that forced him to run an extravagant write-in campaign, according to finance records.

And a column by political analyst Stuart Rothenberg in today’s Roll Call newspaper labels Wilson the “poster boy for ineptitude.”

Rothenberg writes: “Let’s be brutally honest: You have to be running a pretty inept campaign if you can’t get on most ballots. It’s not brain surgery. Yet this cycle, a number of supposedly credible political candidates did just that.

“Ohio Democrat Charlie Wilson became the poster boy for ineptitude when he failed to submit 50 (yes, 50!) qualified signatures to secure a spot on Ohio’s 6th district Democratic primary ballot. Too many of his signatures came from outside the Congressional district, so Wilson had to become the Democratic nominee for Congress through an expensive write-in campaign.”

And an article that ran over the weekend in the (Youngstown) Vindicator notes that, “Without Wilson's loans, the campaign would have a deficit.”

Wilson so far has put in more than half-a-million dollars into his campaign, including a new loan of $45,209 in the last day of the second quarter, according to his most recent financial report. Combined with the $613,000 that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee spent during the write-in, the grand total just to get Wilson’s name on the ballot comes to more than $1.6 million.

“Charlie Wilson is depending on his personal treasure chest and liberal Democrat leaders who do not represent the values of the 6th Congressional District to fund his campaign,” said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. “The lack of attention to detail in getting just 50 valid signatures for the nominating petitions should be a cause of concern for 6th District voters. If Wilson is so inept as to not be able to secure 50 valid signatures, how frightening would the consequences be if he manages to get elected to higher office?”

Dixie Allen Joins GOP

Via the Delaware County Republican Party:

State Rep. Dixie Allen switched her registration to the Republican Party and will screen Saturday as a prospective candidate for the open county commission seat vacated in June by Vickie Pegg.

Montgomery County GOP Chairman John White said he's thrilled with Rep. Allen's decision to join the Republican Party. Rep. Allen will meet with the screening committee Saturday, and the screening committee will in turn make a recommendation to the central committee at a meeting on July 24.

"Dixie Allen has always been a person of great integrity and commitment to her ideals," said White. "Her dedication to her constituents and her values are well known. We welcome her to the Republican Party."

Rep. Allen said the decision to change parties was not an easy one. "This is something I've struggled with for several years," said Allen. "I know this move won't shock anyone who knows me. But I'm very comfortable reaching this decision at this point in my life and career." Allen said she would be supporting Ken Blackwell and other Republicans on the ticket in November.

"As everyone knows, I have found myself increasingly aligned with the Republican Party on various issues in recent years," said Allen. "By becoming a Republican, I am merely formalizing what my actions and votes have been demonstrating for quite a while, to me and to others. In fact, I feel that I am doing both parties a favor with this move -- Democrat leaders in the Legislature have been increasingly concerned about my votes and positions."

Allen cited her support of issues like Gov. Taft's Third Frontier initiative, cutting business taxes, banning gay marriage, and supporting school choice as examples where she has felt more in tune with the GOP than the Democrats.

Rep. Allen added, "If you had asked me nine years ago what my politics were, I would have said I was a died-in-the-wool liberal Democrat. But as time went by, I realized that was not the case."

Allen said that if chosen to serve on the county commission, she will continue pursuing progress on the issues that have become her passion.

"I will continue to fight for jobs, economic development and education -- three issues that in reality are all parts of the same equation," she said. "And I'm excited about the chance to have a major impact on those issues at the local government level, because, as Lincoln said, the best government is government closest to the people."

County Commissioner Chuck Curran also welcomed Rep. Allen into the GOP, noting, "I've known Dixie Allen for many years, and I can relate to the personal decision-making process she has been going through. She's an outstanding public servant and a warm, caring human being. She shares my belief that regardless of political party affiliation, it's the hardworking families of Montgomery County who must always come first when it comes to local government."

Dixie Allen retired from a career in the United States Air Force in 1993, and then joined the Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority. She was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives and was subsequently reelected to that post in four consecutive elections.

Dixie's husband, Jimmy, is the longtime owner and operator of a painting and decorating service. They are the parents of two sons and four grandchildren.

Welcome home!

Voinovich to Return Campaign Contributions

From The Blade:

U.S. Sen. George Voinovich yesterday acknowledged that one of the Cleveland-area investment brokers indicted for allegedly bribing an official at the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has handled his personal financial portfolio since he left the governor's office in 1999.

Mr. Voinovich said he would return $9,000 in political contributions he has received from the brokers, Michael Lewis and Daniel O'Neil, of Ferris, Baker Watts, and their wives.

The senator said he made the decision in light of the allegations that the brokers bribed the bureau's former chief financial officer, Terrence Gasper, with the use of an oceanfront home and a boat slip in exchange for investment business.

This should be Mr. Voinovich's last term, but look for him to ignore his past mistakes and feed his lust for power.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome Candidates!

Thanks to John McC for plugging us and making me talk a bit...

Alliance members will be happy to answer your questions either in the comments section or by email.

Be sure to check out the blogs in the sidebar in right hand column. Contact information for some of the bloggers in the Alliance may be found here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Rev. Strickland Rides Again

This just in from the Ohio Republican Party:
Ted Strickland has no shame.

The ''minister'' who admits he doesn't even attend church is out with a new Christian radio ad, talking up how much those ''biblical principles which have guided and instructed me in the past will continue to sustain me as I serve as Ohio's next governor.''

The fact is Congressman Strickland has a longstanding record of opposition to religious expression. We can't let him get away with this hypocrisy.

So where does Strickland really stand on religious issues? This is what you probably won't hear on Christian radio anytime soon:

AGAINST a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage.

AGAINST a measure that permitted the public display of the Ten Commandments on government property. (Vote 221 6/17/99)

AGAINST a constitutional amendment to guarantee every citizen's right to pray and express their religious beliefs on public property, including schools. (Vote 201 6/4/98)

AGAINST allowing faith-based organizations to compete for federal housing grants. (Vote 109 4/6/00)

AGAINST allowing government-funded religious organizations to consider religion as a factor in hiring. (Vote 175 5/8/03)

AGAINST an amendment prohibiting the extension of government benefits to unmarried domestic partners. (Vote 352 9/25/01)

AGAINST amendments to require more funding for abstinence education programs. (Vote 157 5/1/03, Vote 379 10/11/01)

AGAINST a law creating criminal penalties for harming an unborn baby during the commission of a crime (now known as Lacy's Law). (Vote 465 9/30/99, Vote 89 4/26/01, Vote 31 2/26/04)

FOR taxpayer-funded abortions and the taxpayer-funded development of an abortion pill. (Vote 136, 5/10/06-Vote 216, 5/25/05-Vote 362, 7/15/03-Vote 115, 5/16/01-Vote 292, 7/16/98-Vote 373, 7/10/2000-Vote 173, 6/8/1999-Vote 260, 6/24/1998)

FOR continued funding of the following National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants: "Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking," "Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men," "Study on San Francisco's Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses," and "Study on American Indian Transgender Research." (Vote 352, 7/10/03)
FOR gay civil unions

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Charlie Wilson Needs to Cowboy-Up

I still await Charlie Wilson's decision to do the right thing and return this tainted money.

From the Chuck Blasdel campaign:

Two days after the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee released a fundraising video capitalizing on the deaths of fallen American soldiers, Charlie Wilson refuses to support the troops and denounce this politicization of tragedy.

Wilson also refuses to return more than $20,000 in campaign contributions including $5,500 in campaign contributions from DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel's PAC, $8,000 from the DCCC and a combined $7,000 from Minority Leader and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi's personal campaign committee and PAC. The DCCC also spent more than $600,000 to get Wilson's name on the ballot in the wake of his embarrassing petition foul-up.

"How dare they degrade our veterans?" said Eddie Six, a Vietnam veteran living in East Liverpool. "Doing what the Democrats did was as low on the totem pole as you can go. The only glory in war is surviving. The real heroes are the ones who gave it all. They died for our way of life."

Said Pomeroy resident Dale Colburn, an Army veteran: "It seems to me that most of the people who try to prey on the military never served in the military and have no idea what combat is like. They continue to try to make gains on our military politically or financially."

"As a veteran who served in Vietnam and who has a nephew who served three tours of duty in the Middle East and other areas of the world where we're fighting the global War on Terror, I find these tactics deplorable," said Marietta resident Jean Yost. "These are the same tactics that Jane Fonda used. This is supporting the enemy who are terrorists."

National Democrats have offered no apology for their shameless use of soldier's caskets to raise political cash.

"This disturbing and disgusting display of politics dishonors the memories of those who died on September 11th and those who have died protecting America," said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. "Charlie Wilson's refusal to give back more than $20,000 in campaign contributions and his silence regarding this shameful video speaks volumes for his character. His loyalty should be to our troops, not to liberal Democrat leaders who clearly do not support our military."

Truth be told, it has been the Democrats from the beginning who have politicized the War on Terror and they must be called to account for their political sins.

We shall not let the sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform be used to undermine the sacrifice that they have made.

Find more information here, here and here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WMD on the Road

Mark and I will be in Columbus Friday night for the candidate school schindig on Saturday...

...there should be some time Friday night for a little socializing with some folks who happen to be in the area...

...I'm just saying...

Chuck Blasdel calls on Charlie Wilson to return campaign dollars from Democrats who sanctioned using U.S. troop caskets in a fundraising video

This just in from the Blasdel campaign:
Congressional District candidate Chuck Blasdel today called on Charlie Wilson to return campaign donations from Democrat leaders who sanctioned the use of fallen American soldiers’ caskets in a fundraising appeal.

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) released a fundraising solicitation video this week that contains images of U.S. soldiers killed while fighting the global War on Terror. The video also contains a fabricated mugshot of Tom DeLay marked with “91108GOP.”

In addition to countless staffers sent to the 6th Congressional District after Wilson was forced to run a write-in campaign because he wasn’t able to collect 50 valid signatures for his nominating petitions, Wilson has accepted at least $5,500 from Emanuel’s PAC and at least $8,000 from the DCCC. The committee also spent at least $613,000 to get Wilson’s name on the ballot following his colossal petition foul-up.

Wilson has also taken a combined $7,000 from Minority Leader and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi’s personal campaign committee and her PAC. When given the opportunity to vote on a resolution supporting the troops, Pelosi said it was “a bitter pill.”

“National Democrats have sunk to a new and disgusting low in exploiting the bodies of fallen American soldiers to raise money,” said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. “Capitalizing on the deaths of these brave men and women for political gain is appalling. Charlie Wilson should denounce the politicizing of soldier deaths and the tragedy of September 11th and return the campaign contributions from the Democrat leaders who support this video.”
What's this all about? Check out my WMD post for the details...

CSPAN to Cover OH-06

Just in from the Blasdel campaign via email:
Tomorrow morning at 8:30 am, (Youngstown) Vindicator ace political reporter David Skolnick is scheduled to appear on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the 6th Congressional District campaign.
Check it out.

Boehner on Border Security Hearings

Via email:
"Led by GOP committee chairs, in July four committees will hold a series of hearings to examine troubling provisions in the Reid-Kennedy bill that undermine our border security efforts and do little to address the concerns of the American people. These hearings reflect the commitment of House Republicans to enact strong border security reforms that stop the flow of illegal immigration along our borders and put a premium on enforcing our laws.

"The field hearings in San Diego and Laredo last week exposed serious concerns with the Reid-Kennedy bill. Members and the American public were able to gain a perspective they did not have before, hearing compelling testimony from local law enforcement officials charged with securing the border on how the Reid-Kennedy bill undermines, rather than strengthens, our efforts to seal our borders from illegal entry. I want to thank Chairmen Sensenbrenner, King, McKeon, and Hyde for their ongoing efforts to produce a strong border security bill, and I believe this series of hearings will help us produce a more responsible solution that the American people expect."
Here is a scheudle of the hearings:


July 20th - How does the Reid-Kennedy bill compare to the House Border Security bill when it comes to enhancing border infrastructure?

July 27th - Does the Reid-Kennedy bill make it more difficult for law enforcement to expedite the removal of illegal aliens from the United States?


July 19th - What is the impact of the Reid-Kennedy bill on American workers and their workplaces?

July 26th - What is the role of English in American education and society, and does the Reid-Kennedy bill undermine, rather that encourage, this role?


July 18th - Do the Reid-Kennedy bill's amnesty provisions repeat the mistakes of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986?

July 27th - Will the Reid-Kennedy bill's amnesty provisions overwhelm the already overburdened U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services? Will 10-20 million new applicants for citizenship make it easier for criminals and terrorists to evade background checks?


July 27th - To what degree is illegal immigration an issue for countries in the Western Hemisphere, and does the Reid-Kennedy bill undercut American diplomatic efforts aimed at curbing illegal immigration?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Paul Hackett: Wuss

From WCPO (ABC-Cincinnati):

The Ohio lawyer and Iraq war veteran whose brief run for Senate attracted national attention and challenged the Democratic establishment has reconciled with the party's nominee.

Paul Hackett said Monday that he blames himself for fomenting discord within the party and that he was hurting himself and his former primary opponent, U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, by sulking over the way his primary challenge ended in February.

"It's totally unproductive for me to be largely responsible for this antagonistic relationship between me and Sherrod," Hackett told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Monday.

It's Paul Hackett's fault that Sherrod Brown lied and entered the senate race after he promised he would not?

It's Paul Hackett's fault that the national Democrat money men spiked his campaign?

It's Paul Hackett's fault that the powers that be in the Democrat Party (or was it a Kossak?) spread rumors that he was a WAR CRIMINAL?

Every day yet another reason to be happy that Jean Schmidt is representing the fine people of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District!

Does Mike DeWine Want to Spy on You?

I'm not one to give NewsMax a whole lot of credibility, but check this out:
The bureau is proposing major new legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, according to CNET

FBI Agent Barry Smith distributed the proposal at a private meeting last Friday with industry representatives and indicated it would be introduced by Sen. Mike DeWine, an Ohio Republican, two sources familiar with the meeting told CNET.

The FBI claims that expanding the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act is necessary to thwart criminals and terrorists who have turned to technologies like voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
I'm all for doing whatever it takes to stop terrorists, but there are limits to what American citizens are to be subject to... If an American citizen is being investigated, there had better be a warrant or you can put me down as against this...

New Member Announcement

Please welcome Brian from Blackwell v. Strickland and Route 82 to the Alliance!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Greatest Quip of 2006!!!!

Mark Steyn, commenting on "[Sean]Penn, [Susan]Sarandon, novelist Alice Walker and actor Danny Glover will join a 'rolling' fast, a relay in which 2,700 activists pledge to refuse food for at least 24 hours, and then hand over to a comrade."

So Sean Penn is starving himself to death, but just for a day? Brilliant. If Gandhi had been that smart, he would still have a movie career. Willie Nelson and Michael Moore are also participating in the "rolling fast," which in Mr. Michael's case will involve going without the roll. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his lunch for his friends.

Please Oppose the Nomination of Stephen Murphy for Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

A month ago, I encouraged fellow SOBers and readers to oppose what was then an impending nomination.

Murphy was nominated in late June.

Here, per Debbie Schlussel, is why the nomination should be opposed (my related post is here):

* Spent his days as an Assistant U.S. Attorney showing fellow U.S. Attorneys his favorite porn on the web. (Sources say he may have done the same as U.S. Attorney.)

* Broke federal law by leaking federal grand jury proceedings to Detroit News reporter (and fabricator) David Shepardson.

* Repeatedly hosted HAMAS and Iraqi Insurgent financiers and anti-Semites in his office and repeatedly praised them.

* Deliberately sat on multiple terror indictments and waited until Hezbollah terrorists were safely out of the country before he chose to do anything against them.

* Praised Hezbollah, said he didn't know why it was on the State Dept. Terrorist list, and praised and hung out with terror supporters and charities that are funding HAMAS, Hezbollah, and insurgents murdering our troops in Iraq.

* Praised far-left U.S. Congressman and "Fahrenheit 9/11" star John Conyers (who wanted Bush Impeachment and "Downing Memo" hearings), saying, "What a great lawyer and distinguished mind he is."

* Prosecuted only non-Muslims who commit hate crimes against Muslims, but recused himself from all cases involving Muslim hate crimes against others.

* Deliberately leaked, along with allies, confidential information about competitors to Detroit News Reporter Shepardson, so he could become U.S. Attorney, defeat the nomination of Judge Henry Saad to the Court of Appeals, and get the nomination for himself.

* Attacked Black Americans, asking, "Why are we letting them control the Republican Party?"

If that doesn't motivate you to contact Senator DeWine and/or other Judiciary Committee members to oppose the nomination, check your pulse.

The U.S. Will Win In Iraq?

I never had a doubt, did you?

From the Dayton Daily News:

Larry Schweikart believes the United States will prevail in Iraq.

The University of Dayton history professor tells why in his new book, America's Victories: Why the U.S. Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror.

The book takes a conservative view of the war, making it the lone wolf in a pack of recent books with a more critical look at the three-year-old conflict.

America's Victories comes on the heels of Schweikart's book A Patriot's History of the United States. Written with assistance from University of Washington professor Michael Allen, it's a conservative history of the nation.

Schweikart views Iraq as a battle in the global war on terrorism and said, by his estimate, the U.S. military and allies have killed about 20,000 terrorists.

"People say we're just creating more of the terrorists. A) That's hogwash and B) no military has sustained these levels of losses and gone on to win," said Schweikart, who views the insurgency as a military.

Schweikart lists seven characteristics that ensure the United States will win the war on terror, including the nation's tradition of individual autonomy. For example, Schweikart said that preceding the raid of Baghdad during the Iraq War, military leaders valued the ideas of individuals, such as deployed colonels and others on the ground, leading to the successful capture of Iraq's capital.

A Patriot's History of the United States was excellent and I suppose that it was "conservative" only if you assume that "liberal" history is codeword for "anti-American hogwash." Oh, wait...

It is not too late to add both to your summer reading list.

Taft to be Reprimanded

Our short, state-wide nightmare is almost over.

From The Blade:

Gov. Bob Taft, who has been an attorney in Ohio since 1976, would receive a public reprimand for his conviction last year on misdemeanor ethics violations, under an agreement reached between the governor's private attorney and the Ohio Supreme Court's disciplinary counsel.

The pact, referred to as a "consent to discipline" and similar to a plea agreement, must gain approval of the Supreme Court's Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline and the seven member high court.

"I admit the violation… as outlined in this agreement," Mr. Taft wrote in an affidavit attached to the six-page agreement that The Blade obtained yesterday.

Boehner's Trip to Iraq

John Boehner has penned an op-ed about his trip to the Middle East. Check it out here.

One of the interesting things that Boehner talks about is the training of Iraqi police forces:
On Saturday morning, we visited the Jordanian International Police Training Center - a joint project between America and Jordan - that has already trained more than 30,000 Iraqi police.

The job of training an Iraqi police force is one of the most important tasks being undertaken in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is also one of the most difficult.

Many people wonder why. The answer, I learned, is quite simple: Iraq did not have a police force that you or I would recognize during the long reign of Saddam Hussein. Under his tyrannical regime, police officers were not ones that ordinary Iraqis could go to for help. Rather, they were the long arm of the central government, dispatched to terrorize and repress the populace whenever it suited Saddam and his advisers.

Changing that stigma and building a force with a sense of responsibility and community is a difficult task. But we are making progress. A competent police force that has the confidence of the Iraqi people will play a crucial role in maintaining the rule of law, and ensuring long-term peace and stability.
Good stuff.

Brilliant Hackett Analysis

Paul Miller from Newshound nails it here.

Hackett is not the straight shootin' maverick that his carefully crafted image would lead you to believe. He is nothing more than a charlatan huckster with his eyes on wielding more power than he is capable of controlling. His lack of self control is dangerous. This is not a guy that should be elected dog catcher let alone to a position of any importance.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

re: Jeff Goldstein

Many of you have heard about what some sick pervert said about Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom's toddler son, and how she wouldn't mind if someone killed said child and Mr. Goldstein. Well, it has been revealed that this person is a female teacher at the University of Arizona named Debbie Frisch. Well, she was at the U of A. She has resigned. She should be locked up. Check out WMD for more details.

An Alliance Member with Expertise on the RTKBA Should Blog on This

If you read this piece from BBC you would think that something terrible happened:

Deal eludes small arms conference
A UN conference on tackling the global illegal trade in small arms has ended without consensus on future action.

The WSJ Journal cuts through the crap (requires subscription):
The UN Wants Your Gun

It would be very helpful if someone more versed in this would walk us through what the UN is trying to do to us, and how.

This is yet another reminder of why we should be thankful John Bolton is at the UN, because he is not tolerating this.

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Logo for Ted Strickland

I'm trying to keep a living record of Strickland's flip-flops and slip-ups. To view it or suggest an addiction, just click the new campaign logo I made for him.

BizzyBlog and Pundit Review

I finally got around to checking out Bizzy's appearance on Pundit Review.

Well done! If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.

Topics: Kelo and the media's continued poo-poo-ing of the Bush economy.

Blasdel Appearances This Weekend

Via email:
Saturday, July 8

6 pm Chuck Blasdel participates in Marietta Riverfront Roar activities, including enjoying live entertainment

Sunday, July 9

Noon Blasdel participates in opening ceremonies for Marietta Riverfront Roar

2 pm Blasdel will be a volunteer ice cream scooper at the Broughton Ice Cream Social, Washington County Fairgrounds

Re: Biden

The only way Slow Joe gets to be the Democratic nominee for President is if he bores the rest of the field to death with his speeches and blinds the party elites with his patented Tooth Flash (tm)...

As for what would happen if a conservative and/or a Repblican had said something like this, see the entry under: Lott, Trent...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Don't Think Biden Should Skate for This

See the vid for yourself at Texas Truth, and ask yourself how much grief a conservative would get for a similar remark.

File this one in the memory bank if Biden somehow becomes the Dem nominee.

Re: BizzyBlog Inc.

I charge (fairly) reasonable rates. :)

BizzyBlog Pundit Review Radio Audio Is Available

I need a new publicist, as I missed the opportunity to promote this before it happened. Maybe I should hire Steve at Made 4 the Internet.

Anyway, Sunday evening I was privileged to appear on Pundit Review Radio out of WRKO-AM in Boston.

Kevin and Gregg of and I spoke about the Kelo v. New London Supreme Court ruling, how the situation in New London itself has ultimately worked out, and how economic good news in general is being downplayed or ignored by the press, particularly The Associated Press.

A replay audio file is here. A podcast is available through iTunes by subscribing to the Pundit Review podcast.

PS. Consider it the audition tape for Wide Awakes. :-->

Carnival of Ohio Politics #30

Have you checked it out yet?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SOB Media Appearance: For What It's Worth

I have returned from recording an interview with Karen Kasler of The Statehouse News Bureau's The State of Ohio. While this was the first time that I have been interviewed for television (I have been interviewed in print twice), I am sure that I did better in the interview than I did navigating the Statehouses' cavernous innards.

Karen Kasler was well prepared and knowledgeable about blogs and I appreciate the opportunity to speak for the right side of the Ohio blogosphere.

Russell Hughlock (know to his fans as "Staff") from BuckeyeStateBlog was exactly what you'd expect from a Brit: perfect for a political debate in a pub where the ale is flowing and the waitresses are well-endowed. I thank him for his graciousness.

Please direct the "man, you suck's and requests to throw lingerie to me by contacting me at Made4theInternet[at]Yahoo.Com

I will be posting the interview at a later date and you may see it this weekend (the weekend of the 7th) on your local PBS station:

The State of Ohio Times and Stations
BROADCAST on Ohio Public TV Stations

Fridays 5:30 PM Columbus WOSU-TV34 and Portsmouth WPBO-TV42

7:30 PM Cleveland WVIZ-TV25

9:00 PM Cambridge WOUC-TV44 and Athens WOUB-TV20

Saturdays 5:30 AM Akron WEAO-TV49 and Alliance WNEO-TV45

Sundays 7:00 AM Cincinnati WCET-TV48

7:00 AM Dayton WPTD-TV16

10:30 AM Oxford WPTO-TV14

12:00 Noon Bowling Green WBGU-TV27

12:30 PM Cleveland WVIZ-TV25

12:30 PM Cambridge WOUC-TV44 and Athens WOUB-TV20

Mondays 12:00 Mid-night Toledo WGTE-TV30 (Sunday Night/Monday Morning)
CABLECAST on The Ohio Channel

Mondays 10:00 AM The Ohio Channel is available on:

Athens -- Time Warner Channel 00

Cincinnati -- Anderson Union Channel 08 - ICRC Channel 15 - Media Bridges

Channel 15 -- Norwood Community TV Channel 04 -- Waycross

Community Media Channel 23

Clermont -- Time Warner Channel 22

Cleveland -- Cox Channel 201 - Adelphia Channel 181

Columbus -- Time Warner Channel 199 and Digital 34.5 -- Insight Channel 765

-- WOW Channel 150

Dayton -- Time Warner Channels 715 & 720

Middletown -- TV Middletown Channel 24

Toledo -- Buckeye Cable System Channels 08 and 13

Ohio Public Television broadcast channels are also available on local cable channels.

The Kooks Are Coming to Kolumbus!

From the Dayton Daily News:

Two possible 2008 Democratic presidential candidates -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina -- are among the speakers set for the national convention of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

Special guests at the Sunday banquet will include comedienne Roseanne Barr and the Rev. Al Sharpton, civil rights activist and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate.

Edwards, the Democrats' 2004 vice presidential nominee, is scheduled to speak Sunday along with national AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Clinton speaks Monday.

These freaks are annoying enough on television, now they want to invade the city of my birth?

As Howard Dean might say: AAAARRGGGGG!!!!!!!!

Supporting Small Business

From The Washington Times' Inside the Beltway by John McCaslin:

Real America
President Bush's motorcade made an unscheduled U-turn and stop -- at a lemonade stand -- while speeding to the airport after Friday's fundraiser in Ohio for Republican Sen. Mike DeWine.

After all, how could the president pass by a young girl sporting pink sunglasses and a sign that reads: "Lemonade, 50 cents. Bush Free."

While Mr. Bush posed for pictures, a nearby mother couldn't help but shout, "I love you," followed by this response from her son: "I am so embarrassed."

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ohio's Ney stuck in wait-and-see game

From USA Today:
There's often a caveat these days when Ohio Republicans talk about re-election prospects for their embattled congressman, Bob Ney. As state Rep. Clyde Evans put it at a recent GOP barbecue, "Unless he's indicted, I think he'll do very well."
In a district that stretches more than 200 miles through hills, farms and small-town Main Streets, Ney has been the go-to guy for a dozen years. He won 66% of the vote in 2004. Now he's a central figure in the federal corruption investigation of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and, according to the political newsletter Hotline, the most vulnerable House incumbent.

The six-term Republican from Heath is accused in court papers and testimony by a former aide of accepting gifts, trips and campaign donations from Abramoff and his clients in exchange for official actions. The House ethics committee is investigating him. Ney's top Capitol Hill aides are leaving, and federal investigators last week subpoenaed his district director.

Ney, who turns 52 on Wednesday, hasn't been charged and says he has done nothing wrong. He also says he'll run even if he's indicted. "I'll be serving ... until the day the voters decide whether they want me to continue," Ney said in an interview. "They make the decision. No one else."
It is a reasonably fair article. I recommend it to those who are still learning about this story.

Alliance Member Poll #4, which was released this weekend, had two questions on Ney. the results: 10 members thought Ney would be indicted; 7 thought he wouldn't; and 2 didn't know.

That's shows a whole lot of uncertainty on this issue. Where there is some certainty is whether or not Ney should step aside if he is indicted. 14 members thought Ney should resign if he is indicted; 2 thought he shouldn't; 1 thought it would depend on the circumstances; and there were 2 no comments.

Ney's campaign has indicated that the Congressman will not be stepping down and I expect that they will fight whatever comes their way.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Economics and Social Policy

Edition II is up.

New Member Announcement

Please welcome Pettifog to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance. This blog hails from the Canton area.

Alliance Poll #4

Nineteen respondents to this week's poll:
Lincoln Logs
Conservative Culture
The Redhawk Review
Andy's Angle
Made for the Internet
Ohio Conservative
Rose by Any Other Name
LargeBill Pontificates
Joab's Blog
Project Logic
Return of the Conservatives
Eye Hacker
Thurber's Thoughts
Right on the Right
Brad's Journal
Brain Shavings

None of the Above 4
Barbour 12
Hagel 2
Anyone but Hagel 1

Kasich 11
Portman 7
Neither 1

Guiliani 6
Allen 11
Neither 2

Rice 10
Pence 9

Sanford 4
Huckabee 10
No Opinion 4
Either 1

Current Staffer = Yes 6
Current Staffer = No 13

Former Staffer = Yes 11
Former Staffer = No 8

Maybe 7
Yes 6
No 6

Yes 10
No 7
Don't Know 2

Depends 1
No Comment 2
Yes 14
No 2

NOTE: No poll this week. If you have a question you'd like to have polled, please email me.