Thursday, July 20, 2006

Behaving Badly

NOTE: As commenter Jason Sonenshein so kindly noted, Mike Ferner was incorrectly labeled a Democrat when in fact he is an independent who acts like a Democrat. The post has been corrected.

From The Blade:

Peace activist and former Toledo mayoral candidate Mike Ferner was convicted yesterday in Lucas County Common Pleas Court of defacing a state highway bridge with anti-war graffiti.

A jury took less than 20 minutes to find Ferner guilty of felony vandalism and possession of criminal tools for spray painting "Troops Out Now!" on the Central Avenue overpass on I-475/U.S. 23 in Sylvania Township on New Year's Day.

Ferner had the opportunity to resolve the case months ago by pleading to a misdemeanor charge in Sylvania Municipal Court. He said last night that he didn't regret going to trial and was willing to accept any punishment that Judge Wittenberg would impose.

"I saw this trial as a way to once again bring up to the public, in a nonviolent way, the atrocities that are going on in Iraq. I thought this was another opportunity to make the case against the war in another public forum. I am glad that I took that opportunity," he said.

Somehow, I doubt that when he mentions "atrocities" he's talking about the beheadings by Al Qaeda and bombings at funerals.

"Peace activist" my...


Jason Sonenshein said...

Mr. Kelso, the title of your post is either dishonest or mistaken. The Blade article to which you link clearly identifies Councilman Ferner as an independent:

"Mike Ferner, an independent, challenged Carty Finkbeiner in 1993 to become Toledo's first strong mayor. He lost by 702 votes out of some 92,000 cast."

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

You are correct Jason; the post has been corrected. Thank you!

Jason Sonenshein said...

Thanks for making the correction, though I must take exception with your statement that Councilman Ferner "...acts like a Democrat." When offered the chance to plead a felony down to a misdemeanor, we Democrats would take it. (:

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

A sense of humor; I love it!!!!!! :)