Friday, July 28, 2006

Boehner hypocracy on pork spending

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Here's what Congressman John Boehner has to say about bringing home pork to his own district:
Boehner, 56, shakes his head at the complaints. They are not new. He has refused to get so-called "pork" projects for the 8th Congressional District, which stretches from Butler County north to Mercer County, since he was elected in 1990.

"Look, we're broke," he said. "The federal government is continuing to spend more money than we bring in and the earmarking for local projects only makes the problem worse."

So much for living up to that quote.

Now, Boehner's stance on bringing home the bacon a great stance to have as long as you vote against other pork spending projects. The problem is, Boehner scored 0 out of 19 on the Jeff Flake anti-pork scorecard. The scorecard is compromised of nineteen amendments to bills that Flake put to individual votes; each amendment being for a different pork project. In effect, Boehner voted to approve nineteen pork spending projects.

Don't get me wrong, I think Boehner is an oustanding Congressman, and I'm going to vote for him this November. But, if he is against bringing home pork for his own district, why does he vote for other people's pork projects? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

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