Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boehner on Border Security Hearings

Via email:
"Led by GOP committee chairs, in July four committees will hold a series of hearings to examine troubling provisions in the Reid-Kennedy bill that undermine our border security efforts and do little to address the concerns of the American people. These hearings reflect the commitment of House Republicans to enact strong border security reforms that stop the flow of illegal immigration along our borders and put a premium on enforcing our laws.

"The field hearings in San Diego and Laredo last week exposed serious concerns with the Reid-Kennedy bill. Members and the American public were able to gain a perspective they did not have before, hearing compelling testimony from local law enforcement officials charged with securing the border on how the Reid-Kennedy bill undermines, rather than strengthens, our efforts to seal our borders from illegal entry. I want to thank Chairmen Sensenbrenner, King, McKeon, and Hyde for their ongoing efforts to produce a strong border security bill, and I believe this series of hearings will help us produce a more responsible solution that the American people expect."
Here is a scheudle of the hearings:


July 20th - How does the Reid-Kennedy bill compare to the House Border Security bill when it comes to enhancing border infrastructure?

July 27th - Does the Reid-Kennedy bill make it more difficult for law enforcement to expedite the removal of illegal aliens from the United States?


July 19th - What is the impact of the Reid-Kennedy bill on American workers and their workplaces?

July 26th - What is the role of English in American education and society, and does the Reid-Kennedy bill undermine, rather that encourage, this role?


July 18th - Do the Reid-Kennedy bill's amnesty provisions repeat the mistakes of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986?

July 27th - Will the Reid-Kennedy bill's amnesty provisions overwhelm the already overburdened U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services? Will 10-20 million new applicants for citizenship make it easier for criminals and terrorists to evade background checks?


July 27th - To what degree is illegal immigration an issue for countries in the Western Hemisphere, and does the Reid-Kennedy bill undercut American diplomatic efforts aimed at curbing illegal immigration?

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