Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boehner on...

John Boehner is/was scheduled to speak at the Heritage Foundation today. I received some quotes from the speech as it was prepared:
Boehner on the Big Issues:

"On the big issues of the day - the economy, taxes, border security, and the Global War on Terror - there is a very clear choice between Republicans and Democrats. Fundamentally, the big difference between Republican and Democrats is how we look at the future. We believe in a future built on pillars of freedom and responsibility, in which the initiative of millions of Americans is unleashed to improve the quality of all our lives beyond what we can currently imagine. Because we believe in that future, we're willing to do the hard work necessary to get there and provide solutions on the budget, to keep taxes low, to secure our nation's borders, and to win the Global War on Terror."

Boehner on Global Threats:

"Whether it's in Iraq, Israel, or in North Korea, the resolve of the United States is always being tested. The American people want their leaders to be decisive in the face of adversity, to lead with the courage of their convictions. And perhaps most importantly, the American people deserve to hear how their elected leaders will keep America safe in a post-9/11 world.

"We are charged with guiding America's ideals and protecting American lives in an ever-changing world with dangerous threats that are forever adapting. What cannot change, what cannot waver and what will never falter is our determination to confront and defeat rogue regimes and radical movements that have set democracy and liberty square in their sights and targeted them for destruction.

"As Republicans, we recognize this important charge. It's important to note what separates Republicans from Capitol Hill Democrats. Republicans recognize the threat and have constructed policies reliant on strength and purpose. Democrats have instead blundered towards an empty and cosmetic mindset that underscores a shared devotion to a weak and indecisive foreign policy forever queasy about America's role in the world."

Boehner on Border Security:

"Probably the most pressing domestic issue on our agenda is border security and shutting down the flow of illegal immigration into our cities and states. House Republicans have worked to fix our broken immigration system by passing a strong bill that secures our borders & strictly enforces our laws. Real reform means re-establishing basic respect for America's immigration laws."

Boehner on Fiscal Restraint and Budget Reform:

"House Republicans continue to make fiscal restraint a top priority, passing the line-item veto, cutting 95 federal programs, and approving a fiscally responsible budget while rejecting Democrats' calls for higher taxes and some $45.2 billion in wasteful spending. And while there are members in both parties who are reluctant to change the system, we've passed strong earmark reforms that are essential to changing the way Washington has worked for decades.

"Unfortunately, there has been little desire from Democrats to join Republicans in exercising fiscal restraint. Minority Leader Pelosi recently spoke out against the practice of earmarking millions for home-state projects, yet she's bragged about nearly $500 million in earmarks in her own press releases."

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