Monday, July 10, 2006

Boehner's Trip to Iraq

John Boehner has penned an op-ed about his trip to the Middle East. Check it out here.

One of the interesting things that Boehner talks about is the training of Iraqi police forces:
On Saturday morning, we visited the Jordanian International Police Training Center - a joint project between America and Jordan - that has already trained more than 30,000 Iraqi police.

The job of training an Iraqi police force is one of the most important tasks being undertaken in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is also one of the most difficult.

Many people wonder why. The answer, I learned, is quite simple: Iraq did not have a police force that you or I would recognize during the long reign of Saddam Hussein. Under his tyrannical regime, police officers were not ones that ordinary Iraqis could go to for help. Rather, they were the long arm of the central government, dispatched to terrorize and repress the populace whenever it suited Saddam and his advisers.

Changing that stigma and building a force with a sense of responsibility and community is a difficult task. But we are making progress. A competent police force that has the confidence of the Iraqi people will play a crucial role in maintaining the rule of law, and ensuring long-term peace and stability.
Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like good news. Every time you read a (conservative) critique of the Iraq situation, they always say the lack of a credible Iraqi police force is the biggest problem. Hopefully we're turning the corner.