Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chuck Blasdel calls on Charlie Wilson to return campaign dollars from Democrats who sanctioned using U.S. troop caskets in a fundraising video

This just in from the Blasdel campaign:
Congressional District candidate Chuck Blasdel today called on Charlie Wilson to return campaign donations from Democrat leaders who sanctioned the use of fallen American soldiers’ caskets in a fundraising appeal.

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) released a fundraising solicitation video this week that contains images of U.S. soldiers killed while fighting the global War on Terror. The video also contains a fabricated mugshot of Tom DeLay marked with “91108GOP.”

In addition to countless staffers sent to the 6th Congressional District after Wilson was forced to run a write-in campaign because he wasn’t able to collect 50 valid signatures for his nominating petitions, Wilson has accepted at least $5,500 from Emanuel’s PAC and at least $8,000 from the DCCC. The committee also spent at least $613,000 to get Wilson’s name on the ballot following his colossal petition foul-up.

Wilson has also taken a combined $7,000 from Minority Leader and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi’s personal campaign committee and her PAC. When given the opportunity to vote on a resolution supporting the troops, Pelosi said it was “a bitter pill.”

“National Democrats have sunk to a new and disgusting low in exploiting the bodies of fallen American soldiers to raise money,” said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. “Capitalizing on the deaths of these brave men and women for political gain is appalling. Charlie Wilson should denounce the politicizing of soldier deaths and the tragedy of September 11th and return the campaign contributions from the Democrat leaders who support this video.”
What's this all about? Check out my WMD post for the details...

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