Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Dixie Allen "Controversy"

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Despite the claims from liberals that Dixie Allen is free to choose her own party (gee, how mighty white of them!), I sense an undercurrent of drama in Ohio's loony-left. The latest comes from the Dayton Daily News which not only devotes the "talents" of its in-house cartoonist to her party switch, but today's editorial page as well.

From an editorial by the Daily News:

Montgomery County Republicans positively struggled to find someone who wanted to replace Vicki Pegg on the Montgomery County Commission. That job shouldn't go wanting.

Montgomery County Republican Chairman John White says he looked high and low before he decided to go after state Rep. Dixie Allen, a Democrat who he had heard was unhappy with how her party has treated her and its stand on certain issues. She needed no coaxing, Mr. White said, to switch over.

Mrs. Allen is entitled to align herself with whomever she chooses. A person can change her mind, even at 71, even after being elected four times as a Democrat in a district where, if she had been a Republican, she could not have won in the first place.

But even though Republicans now have a candidate, that doesn't change the fact that Rep. Allen was their Plan G. They didn't have anyone lined up and ready to go, notwithstanding that Mrs. Pegg has been making noises about retiring for months.

Look, Dixie Allen comes down a little to the left of me (who doesn't?!), but she is not exactly a founding member of the loony left. Compared to the voting record of some liberal Republicans in and outside Ohio, I frankly welcome the addition of Dixie Allen to the Republican team with open arms. She is one of the few Republicans who can now be called "moderate." If you doubt me, check your tax bill!

As a father of five children, I am eternally grateful for her hard work in ensuring that at least some parents in Ohio will have the choice to remove their children from decaying schools and to send them to a loving, educational environment.

I know that my opinion of the Democrat Party may have been colored by history (no pun intended), but I cannot help but suspect that Dixie Allen would not be receiving the treatment she is if she was not black. I realize Democrats believe that they have a God-given right to the loyalty of all black Americans, but there are more than a few black folks who disagree. May they all have the strength and grace that Ms. Allen has shown.

Welcome home!

NOTE: Excerpts from an interview that the Daily News conducted with Dixie Allen may be viewed here.

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