Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Does Mike DeWine Want to Spy on You?

I'm not one to give NewsMax a whole lot of credibility, but check this out:
The bureau is proposing major new legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, according to CNET News.com.

FBI Agent Barry Smith distributed the proposal at a private meeting last Friday with industry representatives and indicated it would be introduced by Sen. Mike DeWine, an Ohio Republican, two sources familiar with the meeting told CNET.

The FBI claims that expanding the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act is necessary to thwart criminals and terrorists who have turned to technologies like voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
I'm all for doing whatever it takes to stop terrorists, but there are limits to what American citizens are to be subject to... If an American citizen is being investigated, there had better be a warrant or you can put me down as against this...

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