Monday, July 10, 2006

Please Oppose the Nomination of Stephen Murphy for Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

A month ago, I encouraged fellow SOBers and readers to oppose what was then an impending nomination.

Murphy was nominated in late June.

Here, per Debbie Schlussel, is why the nomination should be opposed (my related post is here):

* Spent his days as an Assistant U.S. Attorney showing fellow U.S. Attorneys his favorite porn on the web. (Sources say he may have done the same as U.S. Attorney.)

* Broke federal law by leaking federal grand jury proceedings to Detroit News reporter (and fabricator) David Shepardson.

* Repeatedly hosted HAMAS and Iraqi Insurgent financiers and anti-Semites in his office and repeatedly praised them.

* Deliberately sat on multiple terror indictments and waited until Hezbollah terrorists were safely out of the country before he chose to do anything against them.

* Praised Hezbollah, said he didn't know why it was on the State Dept. Terrorist list, and praised and hung out with terror supporters and charities that are funding HAMAS, Hezbollah, and insurgents murdering our troops in Iraq.

* Praised far-left U.S. Congressman and "Fahrenheit 9/11" star John Conyers (who wanted Bush Impeachment and "Downing Memo" hearings), saying, "What a great lawyer and distinguished mind he is."

* Prosecuted only non-Muslims who commit hate crimes against Muslims, but recused himself from all cases involving Muslim hate crimes against others.

* Deliberately leaked, along with allies, confidential information about competitors to Detroit News Reporter Shepardson, so he could become U.S. Attorney, defeat the nomination of Judge Henry Saad to the Court of Appeals, and get the nomination for himself.

* Attacked Black Americans, asking, "Why are we letting them control the Republican Party?"

If that doesn't motivate you to contact Senator DeWine and/or other Judiciary Committee members to oppose the nomination, check your pulse.

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