Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SOB Media Appearance: For What It's Worth

I have returned from recording an interview with Karen Kasler of The Statehouse News Bureau's The State of Ohio. While this was the first time that I have been interviewed for television (I have been interviewed in print twice), I am sure that I did better in the interview than I did navigating the Statehouses' cavernous innards.

Karen Kasler was well prepared and knowledgeable about blogs and I appreciate the opportunity to speak for the right side of the Ohio blogosphere.

Russell Hughlock (know to his fans as "Staff") from BuckeyeStateBlog was exactly what you'd expect from a Brit: perfect for a political debate in a pub where the ale is flowing and the waitresses are well-endowed. I thank him for his graciousness.

Please direct the "man, you suck's and requests to throw lingerie to me by contacting me at Made4theInternet[at]Yahoo.Com

I will be posting the interview at a later date and you may see it this weekend (the weekend of the 7th) on your local PBS station:

The State of Ohio Times and Stations
BROADCAST on Ohio Public TV Stations

Fridays 5:30 PM Columbus WOSU-TV34 and Portsmouth WPBO-TV42

7:30 PM Cleveland WVIZ-TV25

9:00 PM Cambridge WOUC-TV44 and Athens WOUB-TV20

Saturdays 5:30 AM Akron WEAO-TV49 and Alliance WNEO-TV45

Sundays 7:00 AM Cincinnati WCET-TV48

7:00 AM Dayton WPTD-TV16

10:30 AM Oxford WPTO-TV14

12:00 Noon Bowling Green WBGU-TV27

12:30 PM Cleveland WVIZ-TV25

12:30 PM Cambridge WOUC-TV44 and Athens WOUB-TV20

Mondays 12:00 Mid-night Toledo WGTE-TV30 (Sunday Night/Monday Morning)
CABLECAST on The Ohio Channel

Mondays 10:00 AM The Ohio Channel is available on:

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Community Media Channel 23

Clermont -- Time Warner Channel 22

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Columbus -- Time Warner Channel 199 and Digital 34.5 -- Insight Channel 765

-- WOW Channel 150

Dayton -- Time Warner Channels 715 & 720

Middletown -- TV Middletown Channel 24

Toledo -- Buckeye Cable System Channels 08 and 13

Ohio Public Television broadcast channels are also available on local cable channels.

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