Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Ohio gubernatorial campaign has gotten ugly earlier than I thought it would as supporters on both sides are reaching for the muck.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Responding to what Democrats and a political expert alike are calling a smear campaign, the state Republican Party is verbally disavowing an e-mail sent by one of its staffers that makes personal allegations against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland and his wife.

But Republican Party officials did not distribute a follow-up e-mail or take any other action to repudiate the e-mail, which suggests that the Strickland’s are gay.

Among other things, the e-mail says Strickland married his wife, Frances, at 46, has no children and lives apart from her. It also links readers to an Internet blog that directly questions the sexual orientation of both Stricklands and notes accusations he is "soft on those who sexually assault children."

Party spokesman John McClelland said the message was sent without party approval, isn’t part of the party’s strategy, and that the party has made it clear that all future messages must be vetted before they are distributed.

"He was acting on his own," McClelland said. "Ted Strickland’s record is bad enough on its own merits; we don’t need to add anything to it."

While it surprises me that The Dispatch spends so few words covering it (NOT!), the Democrats have their own haters on their hands:

Meanwhile, Republicans are complaining about a flier reportedly distributed by a Cleveland group calling itself "Blacks against Blackwell."

It reportedly links Blackwell, President Bush and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and says, "Our color — but not our kind" while urging a vote for Strickland.

Strickland’s campaign had nothing to do with the flier, a spokesman said. Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said he hopes Strickland would reject such tactics, and that Blackwell doesn’t support the tactics used by Lankford.

I am much more worried about Ted Strickland using the power of government schools to force my children to spout the radical gay movement's approved views on homosexuality than I am about Mr. Strickland’s personal life. These attacks on Strickland are unwarranted and below the belt. While I am pleased that the ORP have disavowed these ugly rumors, Mr. Lankford should have never been put in a position where he could use ORP equipment for such filth.

As for the "blacker than thou" nonsense coming from Democrat operatives in Cleveland, I demand that The Dispatch and other newspapers report and condemn these racist attacks with at least the same enthusiasm mustered over this Lankford nonsense.

I appeal directly to you Mr. Strickland: While I am sure that we disagree on much more than we agree on, could we please find common ground on our hatred for racism? Our country has endured too much racial bitterness for us to allow this flyer to go unchallenged. I call on you to personally disavow this line of attack and demand that your supporters refrain from spreading hate.

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