Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Survey USA Does OH-13

WKYC-TV in Cleveland commissioned Survey USA to do this poll which shows Republican Craig Foltin trailing Democrat Betty Sutton by 18 points.

As usual, Survey USA embarked to find "likely" voters, which means they asked 700 people and found 404... Also as usual, the numbers are not a good sample. As usual, Democrats are over sampled as are whites.

Here is the good news: Foltin has more support than Republicans surveyed. Independents are going for Foltin and Kennedy, but all of the undecideds would have to break towards Foltin in order for him to win. That is, if you think these numbers mean anything, which I don't...

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Avromi said...

Considering that Sutton's own poll had her up by 30 in June, this has to be good news for Foltin.