Friday, July 28, 2006

A Taxpayer Hero or a Zero?

Is your representative a Taxpayer Hero? Or are they downright hostile? Citizens Against Government Waste has released its scorecard for 2005 and Buckeyes who demand responsible government have much to weep over. Below is the CAGW list of Ohio’s representatives and the scores that they received (the higher the number, more responsible the spender). The Taxpayer Heroes have been bolded:

Tiberi, Pat (R) 70%
Turner, Michael (R) 59%
Boehner, John (R) 73%
Brown, Sherrod (D) 9%
Chabot, Steve (R) 85%
Gillmor, Paul (R) 71%
Hobson, David (R) 66%
Jones, Stephanie (D) 6%
Kaptur, Marcy (D) 9%
Kucinich, Dennis (D) 9%
LaTourette, Steven (R) 52%
Ney, Robert (R) 59%
Oxley, Michael (R) 66%
Portman, Rob (R) 100%
Pryce, Deborah (R) 70%
Regula, Ralph (R) 65%
Ryan, Timothy (D) 15%
Schmidt, Jean (R) 80%
Strickland, Ted (D) 9%

No real mystery when it comes to our senators:

DeWine, Mike (R) 42%
Voinovich, George (R) 50%

NOTES: Rob Portman's and Jean Schmidt's numbers are based upon partial terms.

Ted Strickland, the Democrat candidate for governor, and Sherrod Brown, the Democrat candidate for US Senate, have both been ruled "hostile" to taxpayers.

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BizzyBlog said...

I don't recall if it was CAGW or NTU (I'm guessing it was NTU), but Portman's grade had been heading steadily downward up to 2004, where he clocked in below 60%. Both orgs use similar grading.

My point is that Portman could only have gotten his 100% grade for his four months of service in 2005 from CAGW because the votes were easy ones.