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Carnival of Education

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Carnival of Ohio Politics

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Instapundit Comments on Schmidt "Kerfuffle"

At TCS Daily, Glenn Reynolds had this to say in a column on Fauxtography:


A recent kerfuffle over allegedly faked photos of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt finishing a marathon turned out to be bogus: The picture in question was genuine, as was clear after analysis. But blogger Matthias Shapiro wasn't impressed with all the photo evaluation, emailing:

"It turns out Rep. Schmidt has run dozens of marathons and posted some very impressive times. Given this context, why would she fake a photograph of her finishing a marathon when she probably has hundreds of authentic photos of her finishing other marathons? I suspect that this is much ado about nothing and will end up being something of an embarrassment to those involved... an embarrassment that could have been avoided if the critics had done that 20 minutes of research and judged the photograph in the wider context of Rep. Schmidt's biography.


"Somebody" is right on the edge of national embarrassment. I hope the Ohio Elections Commission is reading things like this.

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A Happy Third Blogiversary to Weapons of Mass Discussion!

Weapons of Mass Discussion, the lead blog of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance, started up on August 27, 2003 with a post that began with comments on media reports that post-Iraq invasion deaths of American soldiers (64) had surpassed those that occurred during the invasion.

Mark had the honor of the very first remark: "This whole thing of saying more killed at end of hostilities than during war is nothing more than an attempt by the left to make Bush sound like a moron. It does not matter that the casualties are tens of thousands less than the democrats thought there would be, because they do not want us to remember how they hoped and prayed Iraq would be another Vietnam."

Matt and Mark have been going at it impressively ever since, and have expanded into broadcasting with their Sunday night Wide Awakes Radio show. It's also great to see that they're cross-posting at the Wide Awakes blog.

Heartiest congratulations on reaching the 3-year milestone, guys.

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Montgomery Earns the Support of the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

Kathryn from the Montgomery campaign just sent us this:
COLUMBUS, OHIO 8/25/06 – Today the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants announced their endorsement of Republican Betty Montgomery in the Attorney General contest. The association, which represents 23,500 members, cited Montgomery's extensive experience and superior qualifications as making her the better candidate in this race.
"Our screening committee and our society's board were impressed by Betty's background and experience," said Clark Price, President and CEO of the association. "We strongly believe that she is the candidate who will best serve the citizens of Ohio."

The Ohio Society of CPAs, a professional association established almost a century ago, represents certified public accountants in business, education, government and public accounting. Members of the society embrace the highest standards of professional and ethical performance through a rigorous commitment to continuing education, a comprehensive quality review requirement and compliance with a strict code of professional conduct.

Montgomery was honored to receive the support of this reputable organization. "I very much respect this society and their mission of serving the public interest. During my many years serving the public, I have dedicated myself to their same high ethical and professional standards," she said.

Montgomery has a record of strong fiscal management. As Auditor of State, she has made cutting waste and fraud from her office a top priority. In her first 18 months on the job, her office identified more than $180 million in misspent or stolen tax dollars, leading to nearly 30 convictions of those who would abuse the public trust. She has also consolidated her office, maintaining productivity with a 10 percent reduction in staff and nearly $10 million in budget cuts.

The Ohio Society of CPAs joins an impressive list of organizations that have recently endorsed Montgomery, including the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association (TPPA), the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (FOP), the Ohio Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA).

Is Ken Blackwell Destined to Lose?

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right Angle Blog:

If he messes around with socialized medicine he sure deserves to, but let us ponder some facts passed along to me from the Ohio Republican Party:

Here we go again. It's time for Democrats and the media to get all warm and fuzzy over the so-called signs of a Democrat victory in November.

They're running TV ads before Labor Day! They're energized! They're unified! Polls show them ahead! And - gasp! - some Republicans are voting for the Democrat! How quickly they forget.

2006: Democrats are on TV before Labor Day. (Akron Beacon Journal)
2004: Democrats outspent Republicans on TV before Labor Day: Kerry and pro-Democratic groups have spent $15,993,252 on Ohio ads between March 3 and August 15, while Bush and pro-GOP organizations spent $12,403,892 over the same period, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG. (All eyes on Ohio, Greg Botelho, CNN, 8/31/04)

2006: Democrats are energized. (Toledo Blade)
2004: Democrats were energized: But there's no denying that at least for this election, Democratic passions are being aroused. Polls that take the temperature of this battleground state show anti-Bush fever burning hottest in Northeast Ohio, where job-loss statistics are the worst in the state. ('Anger with Bush 'energizes' Democrats, Margaret Bernstein, 9/5/04)

2006: Strickland leads in the polls with three months to go. (Dispatch)
2004: Kerry led in the polls with three months to go: A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted in Ohio from Aug. 13-15 of 2004 showed a 10-point lead, giving Kerry "52 percent support to Bush's 42 percent." (All eyes on Ohio, Greg Botelho, CNN, 8/31/04)

2006: Most Ohioans don't know much about Ted Strickland. (Dispatch)
2004: Most Ohioans didn't know much about John Kerry: To these energized Democrats, Kerry's main appeal seems to be that he's not George Bush, which adds up to a tangible partisan polarization. "I have talked to voters who say they dislike George Bush and are voting for John Kerry without knowing anything about the man. That puzzles me. That worries me," said James Redmond, 46, a Republican and Fairlawn financial planner. ('Anger with Bush 'energizes' Democrats, Margaret Bernstein, 9/5/04)

2006: Democrats are more unified than ever. (ODP)
2004: Democrats were more unified than ever: 'I've been involved in politics a long time,' Johnnie Maier, the Stark County Democratic Party chairman, said at party headquarters in Canton. 'Up till this year, I never used words 'Democratic' and 'unity' in the same sentence. But Bush has unified us beyond my wildest expectations.' (Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times, 10/28/04)

2006: Democrats are campaigning in Republican areas. (Plain Dealer)
2004: Democrats campaigned in Republican areas: The Kerry campaign had hoped to do better in southeast Ohio.... Kerry's running mate, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, had made repeated visits to the area to woo voters. (Zachary Coile, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/4/04)

Sen. John Kerry spent Wednesday rallying voters in rural communities, far from the traditionally Democratic urban bastions of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, hoping to convince folks in the heartland that he is in step with their values and will look out for their interests. ('Kerry aims for rural support,' St. Petersburg Times, Wes Allison, 10/28/04)

2006: Strickland's talking about his faith. (Toledo Blade)
2004: Kerry talked about his faith: 'The fact that Senator Kerry is a person of faith is something that might help voters who are undecided,' McCurry said. Kerry has been explaining it more in recent weeks as he campaigns in socially conservative areas like rural Ohio. At a town hall meeting Saturday in Xenia, he talked about taking his rosary into battle during the Vietnam War. ('Kerry's hunting trip targets conservatives,' Nedra Pickler, Associated Press, 10/21/04)

From the pulpit to the pastures, Kerry is increasingly spreading a more spiritual message and visiting local churches, as he did the past two days in Ohio, to expound on the political lessons of the Bible's James and Saint Paul. ('Faith increasingly part of Kerry's campaign, Jim VandeHei, Washington Post, 10/18/04)

2006: Democrats are finding some Republicans to cross-over and vote for Strickland. (Dispatch)
2004: Democrats found some Republicans to cross-over and vote for Kerry: The Ohio pro-Kerry group has attracted support from Republicans as well. 'The economy is so upside down right now, people are willing to take another look at who can run the country better,' said Malcolm Riggle, who wore a 'Republicans for Kerry-Edwards' button at the rally. (Ken Stammen, The Columbus Dispatch, 10/27/04)

'...the Kerry campaign produced Hudson resident Greg Gross, a former intern and staff member in the first Bush administration, as a Republican for Kerry. ... 'I've always leaned toward Republicans on national security,' he said. But 'for me (siding with Kerry), this is easy.' ('Presidential campaigns find supporters in enemy camp,' Jonathan Riskind, The Columbus Dispatch, 3/28/04)

'Roaming from north to south, U.S. 23 traces green horizons of pastures and corn fields, squeezes through urban concrete canyons, and rambles ranges of the unexpected from "world famous" fried-bologna sandwiches and boulder-size pumpkins, to Democrats for Bush and Republicans for Kerry.' ('Exurbia,' Brian E. Albrecht, The Plain Dealer, 8/8/04)

'I served 20 years in the Ohio General Assembly as a Republican. People have asked me why I oppose George W. Bush for president.' (John A. Galbraith, letter to the editor, Toledo Blade, 9/28/04)

2006: Democrats think there's no way they can lose on Election Day.
2004: Democrats lost.

Let us be honest: the Republicans do not deserve to win, but the Democrats deserve it even less. 2006 is a different year and the Democrat Party just may pull it off, but if past performance is a predictor -- this left-wing cabal of kooks and weirdoes will grab defeat out of the jaws of victory and cross the finish line holding it over their heads, thinking that they've won -- a delusion held since the 2000 Florida debacle.

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Liberal Bias 101

It's leads like this from Thomas Sheeran of the AP (via the Akron Beacon Journal):

Local Democrats whose tastes run to kielbasa and anti-war rhetoric are trying to attract the 2008 convention of a well-heeled Republican Party backing the war in Iraq and hoping Ohio scandals don't ruin their White House chances in two years.
Note to the AP and Thomas Sheeran: We are 50/50 country. Half of the poor vote Republican and half of the rich vote Democrat. Cleveland Democrats ain't exactly begging in the streets.


It’s Governorship – Not Brain Surgery

From the Dayton Daily News:

No matter who wins the governor's office this fall, Ohioans will get a man who school teachers found challenging at times. In speeches before school administrators and board members last week, both Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland told stories from their days in the classroom. Blackwell said as a fifth-grader, he was known as a "mouthy kid" but that his teacher, Mrs. Rose, expected all the kids could and would learn under her tutelage. Strickland recalled how fond Ms. Keller, his first- through fourth-grade teacher in his one-room school, was of him. But in later years, his teacher Ms. Joyce barked at him, "Strickland, will you shut up or I'll run your little finger through the pencil sharpener."

All five of my kids are what I will call overly mouthy -- born politicians???

On a side note: I love the new DDN website design, but I suspect that the ultra-liberal bias will remain.

Carnival of Ohio Politics #36

Newshound's Carnival of Ohio Politics #36 is up. My favorite:

NixGuy has been looking hard for the jobs in Democratic governor candidate Ted Strickland's "jobs plan."

Hint: The only jobs that Tax ... er ... Ted Strickland will create are for bureaucrats! :(

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The Bleeding Blade

Cross-posted at BizzyBlog.


In an editorial today, The Toledo Blade, which calls itself "One of America's Great Newspapers" (tough-to-see pic here), finds itself in what appears to be a bitter labor dispute engaging in tactics it has surely criticized when employed elsewhere, and sounding quite a bit like a number of business folks it has derided over the years:

REGRETTABLY, The Blade today finds itself in a labor dispute with the people who traditionally have mattered most to the company: our employees and their families.

We wish it were not so. We wish that it had not become necessary to utilize a management prerogative with an unfortunate sounding name - a lockout. So we believe it is instructive to explain for our readers, and indeed, for our own workers, why we are at this point.

The simple truth is that The Blade is bleeding financially and cannot continue to operate indefinitely under such circumstances. The company would not be proposing wage reductions and other concessions if our economic situation were not so severe. Our unions, in fact, do not dispute that our financial condition is dire. One of them, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, has already accepted a new contract.

The company considers a lockout to be the management equivalent of a strike by labor, and we believe it to be a legitimate tool in collective bargaining.

There's no mention as to whether The Blade might be re-examining its far-left news bias in the hope of gaining new readers. Don't count on it, and that's too bad. No one can deny that The Blade has outstanding investigative reporters. If they prioritized their pursuit of the truth beyond topics that make America, Republicans, and conservatives look bad, the market would probably reward their efforts.

Right Wing News Interviews Chuck Blasdel

Check out John Hawkins' interview here.

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Blackwell in the Lion’s Den

You have to give Ken credit for at least going to this event, and sticking up for his principles. The Beacon attempts to put the patina of bipartisanship on this event, but not very convincingly: “Parker is not a Democrat. She can name a handful of Republicans for whom she has voted.” Yeah, right. Perhaps Nelson Rockefeller or John Anderson...

The education lobby is not exactly a hotbed of limited government conservatives.

When Strickland talks about attempting to abide by the OH Supreme Court’s funding ruling, the translation is: taxes are going up. Massively. Which is the only message that the Government Schools lobby respects.

At least Ken has some thoughts beyond simply throwing ever increasing amounts of money into the black hole that the government schools have become.

Cross posted on TBMD.

Bring Back Jeanette Bradley!

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Lt. Gov. Bruce E. Johnson cruised Downtown yesterday in one hot ride, real fast and real loud.

Office workers and residents were surprised by the sudden appearance of an F-16D fighter jet roaring overhead about 2 p.m. In the rear seat, behind the pilot, was Johnson.

The Ohio Air National Guard jet made two quick passes overhead before flying off.

"We had 911 calls galore," a Columbus police dispatch supervisor said. "One lady called me absolutely panicked because they were flying so low."

Training flights usually do not go over cities, National Guard Lt. Katherine Arvai said. But because Johnson was aboard, the pilot had flight controllers' permission to make a couple of passes over the Statehouse.

"It was done by the book," Arvai said.

Johnson wasn't out for a joy ride, said his spokesman, Merle Madrid.

"It's not just the thrill of riding shotgun in an F-16," Madrid said. "He was learning about the program."

Yea; right. Just admit that you got busted, apologize, and move on.

Jeanette Bradley was the only Taftite with any class.

Mike DeWine the Snake?


Latching onto the pop culture buzz surrounding New Line Cinema's new movie "Snakes on a Plane," the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched a website attacking Republicans as "Snakes on a Senate."

The site depicts five Republican U.S. senators -- George Allen of Virginia, Jim Talent of Missouri, Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Conrad Burns of Montana and Mike DeWine of Ohio -- and one candidate, Tom Kean of New Jersey -- as snakes. Photographs of their heads are attached to cartoon snake bodies.

In a play on the movie's logo, the site also depicts two fanged snakes wrapped around the U.S. Capitol.


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Toledo Taxing Itself Into a Ghost Town?

From The Blade:

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner alternated between casting doubt on the accuracy of a new U.S. Census estimate that lowers Toledo's population and shrugging it off as unimportant.

The mayor ticked off the list of Toledo advantages -- such as abundant water and the Toledo Museum of Art -- and said that quality of life, not population, is what makes a city great.

"If that were the case, Detroit would be a better city to live in than Toledo," Mr. Finkbeiner said yesterday. "Toledo is a city with an excellent quality of life."

At the same time, City Councilman Frank Szollosi blamed the population decrease on Toledo's tax burden. He called on the mayor and Council President Rob Ludeman to support his plan to submit future increases in the special assessments budget to city voters.

Mr. Szollosi called on Mr. Ludeman to allow a vote on his resolution putting special assessment increases on the ballot. He was joined in support of the proposal by Bob Vasquez, an unendorsed Democratic candidate for an at-large council seat. Unendorsed Democrat Joe McNamara last week endorsed the idea of putting special assessments on the ballot.

But Mr. Ludeman, Councilman George Sarantou, and Councilman Lourdes Santiago, the endorsed Democratic candidate for the at-large seat, joined in rejecting the plan. They said council shouldn't shift to the voters its responsibility to make tough decisions.

If that argument sounds familiar, many Republicans (and of course Democrats) unfortunately used it against Ken Blackwell's TEL plan which would have required voter approval of tax increases at the state and local level.

Mayor Finkbeiner and all Ohio politicians ignore the people's pain at their own peril. Just as citizens leave Toledo in droves, the entire state finds that the people are leaving for places like Florida -- states with a smaller tax burden.

Ohio needed TEL and we need leaders who will stand up against those who show so little respect for the hard work of Ohioans.

Boehner on Medicare Part D Premiums Going Down

This doesn't convince that this isn't the worst thing the GOP Congress has done to the country's long-term health, but here it is. I included his links, but I omitted his excessive underlinings.


August 17, 2006

This week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported that robust competition within the Medicare prescription drug program is saving seniors and taxpayers millions. Premiums are much lower than Congress initially expected, and averaged just $24 per month, down from prior estimates of $37 per month. These savings are coming at a critical time for American families who are concerned about the rising cost of living and easing the burden on those people caring for an older parent or parents. According to CMS:

· Because strong competition is continuing in 2007, the Medicare drug benefit costs are coming down further. The "bids" by the prescription drug plans are 10 percent lower, on average in 2007 than 2006.

· The average premium in 2006 for the basic Medicare drug benefit is about $24. Last year, premiums were estimated to be about $37 per month on average - a difference of 35 percent. Because of Part D, seniors are saving an average of over $1,100 a year.

· The lower premium is the result of much slower-than-expected prescription drug cost growth in 2004 and 2005, strong competition among Medicare drug plans, and beneficiaries' tendency to choose plans that meet their specific needs rather than more expensive "one-size-fits-all" plans.

· Average Medicare Part D premiums are projected to increase by only 0.1 percent in 2007, based on current enrollment. These premiums are 40 percent lower than the roughly $40 premium predicted last year for 2007.

· Because the cost of drug coverage is lower in 2007 than had been predicted, the projected costs of Medicare Part D are likely to decline again.

Coping with the success of the new benefit that is saving seniors thousands hasn't been easy for Democrats. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Capitol Hill Democrats voted against the Medicare prescription drug benefit and openly advocated its failure at every step of the way. In fact, Pelosi has referred to the drug benefit as "corrupt" even as she readily acknowledged Democrats were urging seniors to sign up. It begs the question: How can Democrats embrace a program they voted against and want to dismantle?

Republicans worked hard to provide America's seniors with a prescription drug benefit that saves them significant money while providing them with greater access to life-saving medicines. And after months of success stories highlighting the millions of seniors reaping big savings, Nancy Pelosi's worst fear is now reality - the Democrats were wrong.

When will Nancy Pelosi admit she was wrong on Medicare "Part D"?


Reprimand Urged for Taft

From the Dayton Daily News:

Gov. Bob Taft should be publicly reprimanded by the Ohio Supreme Court for ethics violations, a board overseeing lawyers' behavior said Wednesday.

Taft, a lawyer since 1976, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor ethics charges a year ago when it came to light that he failed to report dozens of free golf outings on his annual ethics forms.

The court's disciplinary counsel filed a complaint against Taft in March, saying the governor violated Ohio's code of conduct for lawyers. Taft admitted the misconduct and worked out an agreement with the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Ohio Supreme Court.

The board recommended that the Ohio Supreme Court, which has final say in the matter, agree to the public reprimand sanction.

If a bunch of bottom-feeding ambulance chasers say you have no ethics then you really have no ethics!

Are Democrats Too Stupid to Count Votes?

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right-Angle Blog.

Gee Kelso, why are you being so hard on a party just brimming with fine folks?

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Democrats criticized Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell on Wednesday for potential electronic voting machine mishaps in Cuyahoga County.

Democrat Jennifer Brunner, who is running for Blackwell's job, called for an investigation into a charge by the Election Science Institute that electronic voting machines made by Green-based Diebold lost ballots in Cuyahoga County's May primary election.

Her Republican opponent, Greg Hartmann, would not say whether the company was at fault. Instead, his spokesman, Mark Weaver, called for a complete audit of the Secretary of State's Office.

Diebold takes issue with the study's findings.

``The conclusion of the reports were an error,'' Diebold spokesman Mark Radke said. ``Basically, it was a flawed audit.''

``Here we go again,'' said state Rep. Dan Stewart, D-Columbus, who serves on the House Elections and Ethics Committee. ``I think one of the safest ways for folks to vote this year is going to be vote early and vote absentee, where you have a definite verified paper trail.''

James Lee, spokesman for the Secretary of State's Office, said the apparent problems in Cuyahoga County are an anomaly. He said Stark County had five recounts using the same technology and didn't have any problems.

In fact, 49 of Ohio's 88 counties used Diebold machines and only Democratic-stronghold Cuyahoga County reported malfunctions, Lee said.

Brunner acknowledged more training was needed in Cuyahoga County.

"Vote early and vote absentee?" Well, that's better than the usual Democrat rallying cry, often heard at your local cemetery, of "vote early and vote often!" It was, if you remember, the Democrat Party which called for electronic voting after several Democrat voters in Florida found themselves incapable of poking holes in a piece of paper. Now they are complaining that their poll workers cannot work simple machines.

In the spirit of brotherhood and in an attempt to reach across the aisle, I respectfully offer some alternative voting techniques that Democrat counties could adopt along with their possible downsides:

* Colored rocks (red for Democrat, Blue for Republican) -- some folks are colorblind; leave it to a Republican to try and disenfranchise the people!

* Old-fashioned paper ballots -- Democrat voters may confuse them with a different kind of paper and light up.

* Have ACORN paid "volunteers" fill out the ballots for the voters -- while it would probably be good enough for Snow White and Fidel Castro, some of your voters may want to do it themselves.

* A show of hands -- while the hippie days are over and most flower children have surely taken showers by now, if you live amongst Kucinich voters, do you really want to take the chance?

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Carnival of Ohio Politics #35

Newshound's Carnival of Ohio Politics #35 -- check it out.

What Has Happened to OSU's 'Sentinel'

Ohio State's premier conservative newspaper (OK, I think it's their only conservative newspaper) now apparently employs idiots to write columns. Check out the work of Eric Bogart, writing on his imagined "What if Jesus came today instead of 2,000 years ago"

...consider how a modern day messiah would be dealt by those in power. It isn’t terribly difficult to imagine Bush as a Jewish leader with similar vigor. Although we would be surprised to see an immediate crucifixion after a trial in a military tribunal, the sort of counter-culture message Jesus gave could easily land him a reservation at Guantanamo Bay today.

You will have to forgive me, but I was unaware that Jesus was a terrorist. And what exact reason would President Bush have to send the Jewish king and Messiah to a cell in Cuba? A few facts about Jesus (and those currently residing in GITMO):

Jesus would not fight with the Taliban.

Jesus would not join or support Al Qaeda.

Jesus would not support the deliberate murder of thousands of civilians to score political points.

Jesus would not spread hate and fear of his neighbors.

Jesus would not call for the rape and torture of his enemies.

Jesus would not demand that everybody agree with him at the trigger of a firearm.

I don't think that there is anybody farther to the right than I, but is it possible for someone to go so far to the right that he tears through the space/time continuum and becomes a rabid, frothing, knuckle-dragging left-winger?

I report; you decide.

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right Angle Blog.

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Breaking from DDN: Stephanie Studebaker and Husband Arrested for Domestic Violence (UPDATE: Drops out)

Link is from Dayton Daily News.

WASHINGTON TWP., Montgomery County | Stephanie Studebaker, Democratic candidate for Ohio's Third Congressional District, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail Sunday morning on a charge of domestic violence, according to jail records.

"The campaign and I have no comment," Will Evans, communications director for the Studebaker campaign, said Monday. He added that he would put out a press release addressing the matter later Monday.

Studebaker, a resident of Washington Twp., was booked in at 11:27 a.m., according to jail records. She was released on a $25,000 cash surety bond at 2:51 p.m., according to the Victim's Information Notification System and jail records.

Mike Turner is the incumbent in the district.

9:45 PM UPDATE: Her husband was also arrested.

August 15, 6 PM update: She has dropped out, per DDN. A special election will apprently be held to determine a new candidate.

At the risk of sounding corny, I'm more interested in the Studebakers working out their differences, patching things up, and functioning as a good family than I am in the outcome of the 3rd District race.

Breaking News: Ney Withdraws; Special Election to be Held

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Embattled Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Ney formally withdrew this morning as a candidate for re-election, triggering a special election to replace him on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Because Ney filed his one-sentence notice at the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections this morning, prior to 80 days before the election, by law a special election must be held.

James Lee, a spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, said he expects a date for the special election to be set within the next few days.

Blackwell's office determines the date, as well as other details including filing requirements for candidates, in consultation with the boards of elections in the 16 counties in the 18th Congressional district. Lee has estimated the cost of a special election will be about $500,000.

Ney and Ohio Republicans have indicated they want Republican state Sen. Joy Padgett to replace Ney on the ballot, although other Republicans also could now run for the spot.

Democrats have vowed to challenge Padgett's candidacy, arguing she cannot run for Ney's seat because she already ran and lost in the May primary for lieutenant governor as Attorney General Jim Petro's running mate.

Democrats also have pointed to a new provision in state law that prevents a candidate from running for both a state and federal office in the same election.

We may have to throw a party: Times where the Ohio Republican Party does the right thing are few and far between.

Let the madness begin!

New Memmber Announcement

Please welcome Thespis Journal from the Xenia area to the Alliance!

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Man, oh man do I detest hackers.

This just sucks. Any suggestions for a blogging engine less exploitable than MovableType?

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More on the Padgett Question

I have done some more checking and I am now convinced that Joy Padgett is eligible to run for Bob Ney's 18th Congressional District seat.

As I noted on Right Angle Blog:

Even though I originally thought that I saw disqualifying wording, above and beyond State Senator Jeff Jacobson's point, that would have made Joy Padgett ineligible to run for Bob Ney's seat, Chris Geidner -- AKA Law Dork -- sites chapter and verse disabusing me of that notion:

If there is a special election, I still believe that Padgett would be permitted to become a candidate by nominating petition because the prohibition of O.R.C. 3513.04 only applies to "the following general election." This would not be a general election; it would be a special election that O.R.C. 3513.312 specifically states is to be treated as "a primary election." Either way, it would appear, Padgett can run. [Emphasis mine-SJK]

I believe that closes the loop; Even if Joy Padgett must collect petitions to get on the ballot, she would indeed be eligible to run and I restate my request to have the good people of the 18th District decide for themselves who they wish to represent them.

The London Plane Bombing Plot

While you were sleeping, the evil ones were busy.

From the AP:

British authorities said Thursday they had thwarted a terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up several aircraft heading to the U.S. using explosives smuggled in carry-on luggage, averting what police described as "mass murder on an unimaginable scale." Home Secretary John Reid said British police and government were confident the main suspects had been arrested.

Officials raised security to its highest level in Britain -- suggesting a terrorist attack might be imminent -- and banned hand-carried luggage on all trans-Atlantic flights.

The U.S. government responded by raising its threat alert to its highest level for commercial flights from Britain to the United States amid fears the plot had not been completely crushed. The alert for all flights coming or going from the United States was also raised slightly.

In Washington, two U.S. counterterrorism officials said the terrorists had targeted United, American and Continental airlines. They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

What I want to know is: Have they found any evidence that proves that this was just a plot hatched by Karl Rove to scare Americans and elect Republicans in November?

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joy Padgett Appears to be Ineligible to Run

From The Hill:

While election officials are examining whether Rep. Bob Ney’s (R-Ohio) hand-picked successor is eligible to run for his seat in the fall, some political insiders are noting that a somewhat similar effort by another Ohio candidate for Congress was rejected last month.

Charles Morrison, a former Republican, was barred in July by the Franklin County Board of Elections from running as an independent against Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio) and Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy under the section of Ohio election law known as the "sore loser" provision.

This section states no individual who seeks a party nomination in the primary election by "declaration of candidacy or by declaration of intent to be a write in candidate" is permitted to run in the general election for any other office, other than a member of a board of education or a "township trustee."

Ney's pick to take his seat in the 18th District, Ohio state Sen. Joy Padgett (R), lost her bid for lieutenant governor in the Ohio primary in May 2006, which could bring her under the provision.

It appears pretty cut and dry to me, so unless there is some unknown loophole that lawyers can exploit, Sen. Padgett cannot run.

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right Angle Blog.

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on Sherrod Brown

Mr. Mehlman spoke to the City Club of Cleveland this morning and The Hotline blogged on his comments about Ohio's senate race:

In a speech today in Cleveland, RNC chairman Ken Mehlman calls Ohio's Democratic Senate candidate, Sherrod Brown, "Ohio's answer to Ned Lamont" and that Lamont's victory "reflects an unfortunate embrace of isolationism, defeatism, and a 'blame America first' attitude by national Democratic leaders at a time when retreating from the world is particularly dangerous."

"Brown's candidacy, Lieberman's loss, and the responses of many of the Democratic leaders to the difficulty of the global jihad all add up to show that defeatism and isolationism are now Democratic Party orthodoxy," Mehlman plans to say. "And Democrat candidates had better embrace it ... or risk being purged from the Party."

NOTE: I wrote a post about Mr. Mehlman's remarks on the Lieberman defeat at Right Angle Blog.

Carnival of Ohio Politics

Paul has this week's edition up. Check it out, it's usually pretty good and is excellent this week.

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Another Endorsement for Montgomery

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
The Ohio chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading small business advocacy group, has announced its support of Attorney General candidate Betty Montgomery.
NFIB is Ohio's largest small business association, representing more than 36,000 members throughout the state. The nationwide organization has 600,000 members and has worked to promote business- friendly policies for more than 60 years. It was ranked the most influential business organization in "Washington’s Power 25".

NFIB State Director Ty Pine said that Montgomery's record made her the clear choice in this race. "Throughout her years of public service, Betty Montgomery has been a strong, consistent voice for a responsible pro-business agenda. She understands that small business growth is essential to the economic success of our state, and supports policies that will encourage that growth," he said.

Pine also said that the organization plans to throw its grassroots weight behind the Montgomery campaign. "Our organization helps elect those candidates we believe will serve small business owners well. Through voter registration drives, voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts, we work to put effective, capable candidates like Betty Montgomery in office," he explained.

Montgomery was pleased to learn that she had received this significant show of support. "NFIB promotes policies that will improve our business climate, and help return our state to greatness. As the daughter of small business owners, I am proud to have this endorsement, and I hope to work in alliance with this organization as Ohio’s next Attorney General."

Betty Montgomery is the Republican nominee for Ohio Attorney General. She has spent more than three decades serving the public and has earned a reputation as a fighter and a reformer. Her campaign platform includes fighting for tougher sentences for child sex predators, increasing enforcement of consumer protection laws and enhancing a statewide approach to prosecuting public corruption.

You Used to Pay His Salary

From the Dayton Daily News:

Although there were alternatives to attacking Japan, President Harry Truman ignored them on Aug. 6, 1945, when Americans dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, said a former University of Dayton professor during a peace rally held Sunday in observance of the 61st anniversary of the bombing.

"Our society didn't look at alternatives then and we don't look at alternatives today," Joseph C. Kunkel told a small crowd that gathered at Wright-Dunbar Park, Third Street and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard, in the sweltering heat. "President Truman's fear of communism -- the real reason why he attacked Japan -- is now the fear of terrorism. In (our) militaristic society, we don't know how to start talking, but we know how to use weapons."

I am sure that talks with Osama would work out the same way that talks with Adolph Hitler did.

He's Baaaaaack!

Sir James is back and nobody covers that beat like Lincoln Logs.

Interview with State Senator Kevin Coughlin

VikingSpirit has an interview with State Senator Kevin Coughlin. Read it here.


AP News Alert:
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) State Sen. Joy Padgett says embattled Congressman Bob Ney has told her he will not seek re-election.
I've heard absolutely NOTHING from my Ney contacts.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Embattled U.S. Rep. Bob Ney confirms he will not run for re-election.
So much for "I'm running no matter what."

8:00AM UPDATE: Statement from Congressman Bob Ney received via email:
"After much consideration and thought I have decided today to no longer seek re-election in Ohio's 18th Congressional District. I am extremely proud of my 25 years serving the people of Ohio. We've accomplished many things to make this state better and I will always be grateful for the trust my constituents put in me. Ultimately this decision came down to my family. I must think of them first, and I can no longer put them through this ordeal."

"I am deeply grateful for all of the trust and support my family, friends and constituents have given me over the past two years. I look forward to serving out the rest of my term and serving the constituents of the 18th District."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Marc Dann Lies to Cover His Lies

Continues to Try and Mislead the Public

Marc Dann's campaign for Ohio Attorney General admitted yesterday to the Columbus Dispatch that it made bogus accusations against Betty Montgomery in a fundraising letter. In order to explain their now public dishonesty, the ethically challenged Dann campaign sent a letter to supporters explaining their lie with yet another lie.
In their original letter the Dann campaign accused Montgomery of "carrying and voting for" legislation that made it possible for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest in rare coins - a wholly false accusation. This letter was used to solicit funds from Dann supporters in the days leading up to yesterday's campaign finance filing deadline.

Today, after having their dishonesty publicly revealed, the Dann campaign sent another letter to supporters attempting to explain their trickery with even more fabrications. This "explanation" letter claims that although Montgomery did not carry and vote for the bill authorizing coin investments, she did advocate for and vote to exempt rare coin sales from state sales tax. The Dann campaign claimed this was a "special interest gift for her buddy Tom." The provision that allowed for this exemption was in fact amended into HB 111, the 1989 biennial budget. It was first added in the Senate Finance Committee and was later amended in Conference Committee. Montgomery, a freshman senator at the time, was not a member of either of the aforementioned committees, nor did she offer any amendments to HB 111 on the Senate floor.

Montgomery did vote for the budget bill, along with the majority of her colleagues in the General Assembly. The bill ultimately passed the Democrat- led House with a bipartisan vote of 89-10 and passed the Senate unanimously. It was then signed by Democrat Governor Dick Celeste. Accepting Dann's logic therefore implicates every Democrat of that era, including Dann's Democrat ticket running mate (and then-state senator) Lee Fisher, in providing "special interest gifts" to Tom Noe.

Marc Dann's most recent lie comes as no surprise. He has developed a reputation for his deficient ethics, having been unanimously disciplined by the Ohio Supreme Court for unethical behavior in March 2004.

"It's a shame that Marc Dann has to constantly be reminded that lying to the public in a political campaign is not only unethical, but illegal under Ohio law," said Montgomery Campaign Manager Shane Ostrowski. "Unfortunately for him and his staff, these poorly thought-out and poorly researched accusations aren't enough to besmirch Betty's long- standing reputation for honest and ethical behavior."
Pretty soon, Ohioans are going to catch on to this scammer...

Chuck Blasdel Welcomes Speaker J. Dennis Hastert to the 6th District

This just in from the Blasdel campaign:
6th Congressional District candidate Chuck Blasdel today welcomed Speaker J. Dennis Hastert to Mahoning County.

Hastert’s visit is an indication of the strong support Blasdel enjoys from both national Republicans and scores of local supporters who are behind his campaign. Following an event in Canfield, Blasdel and Hastert held a press conference at the Mahoning County Republican Headquarters in Boardman.

“I am thrilled to welcome Speaker Hastert to the 6th District, and I appreciate his support for my candidacy,” Blasdel said. “Not only was this an opportunity for us to show the strength of my campaign but we were also able to show off Mahoning County – our neighbors and our businesses – to the Speaker.”

As Speaker Pro Tempore of the Ohio State House, Blasdel led the fight on reforming Ohio’s tax code to provide incentives for businesses to stay in Ohio and to attract new industries. The reformed code creates a friendly business environment for companies looking to expand and create jobs. The Comprehensive Tax Reform Package also provided a 21 percent cut in income taxes for all Ohioans.

Blasdel’s opponent, meanwhile, has voted at least five times to create new fees and raise taxes, including a tax on natural gas distribution. Charlie Wilson also voted against continuing the Golden Buckeye Program, which provides seniors discounts on their prescription drugs.

In the midst of this, Wilson has decided against showing off the 6th District to his liberal leaders, choosing instead to hold a recent campaign event in Pittsburgh. Given the resources available in the 6th District, one can only wonder why Wilson would feel it more important to give business to companies outside the 6th District. Wilson, however, does own stock in at least 18 companies known to outsource American jobs.

“Charlie Wilson has shown time and again that he is more beholden to the liberal leaders of his party than to the people and businesses of the district he wants to represent in Congress,” said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. “When Wilson has had the opportunity to help Ohio, he’s voted against seniors and working families by refusing to support an increase in the minimum wage, and has voted to increase taxes. Sorry Charlie … neither you nor your liberal Democrat leaders represent the values and priorities of the 6th District.”
UPDATE: SOurces tell me that there was a LARGE turnout and a good amount of cash was raised for the campaign. Never hurts to give some more... (RightRoots)

Boehner on Senate Passage of Bipartisan Pension Reforms

Majority Leader John Boehner via email:
"These pension reforms will help protect the retirement security of American workers and ensure their hard-earned pension benefits are there for them when they retire. After seven years of hard work to modernize our outdated pension laws, I'm pleased our work will finally pay dividends for workers who are counting on their pension benefits in their retirement. This bill will not only safeguard the retirement security of millions of working families, it will also protect the interests of taxpayers who could be on the hook for a multibillion dollar bailout of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

"Providing high-quality, individualized investment advice is one of the most important pension protections we can provide. I believe the proposal included in this bill will make a real difference for workers who have been denied access to this type of quality advice for years. The Enron case taught us that while workers are gaining unprecedented control over their retirement savings, many of them are receiving precious little guidance about how to make the most of it.

"Making complex financial decisions can be a daunting process for workers, particularly when it comes to navigating the maze of investment options available today. This bill gives American workers the type of meaningful, personally-tailored investment advice that will help them make the most of their retirement future."

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Marines Never Run...

...nor do they falsely accuse one of their fellow Marines of butchery.

From the AP via The Columbus Dispatch:

Rep. John P. Murtha was sued for defamation Wednesday by a Marine Corps sergeant under investigation in connection with the deaths of Iraqi civilians in Haditha.

Lawyers for Frank D. Wuterich, 26, argue in a federal lawsuit that the Pennsylvania Democrat falsely accused Wuterich of "cold-blooded murder and war crimes." But they acknowledged during a news conference that Murtha identified Wuterich's squad, but not Wuterich by name, when speaking with reporters.

"His real problem is not his lawsuit against me, it's defending himself in court," Murtha told reporters Wednesday while campaigning in his hometown, Johnstown, Pa.

In a statement earlier Wednesday, the 16-term congressman said he does not blame Wuterich for "lashing out."

"When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident," Murtha said.

IMUHO, John Murtha is a coward and unworthy of the honorable title of US Marine.

Just who is this Ted Strickland fellow who wants to be Ohio's next governor? has all of the details but I warn you, it ain't for the faint of heart nor lovers of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

You've been warned!!!!

A small taste (on education):

Congressman Strickland voted against increased funding for students with special needs.

Congressman Strickland voted against increased academic standards and school accountability.

Congressman Strickland opposed efforts to help families who home-school their children.

Congressman Strickland voted against funding for critical early childhood education programs.

NOTE: Cross-posted from Right Angle Blog.

Ney Visits U.S.-Mexican Border

This just in from the Ney campaign:
Ney Observes First Hand How Border Patrol Agents Are Securing Our Borders

With the issue of illegal immigration becoming an increasing problem for our nation and Ohio, Congressman Bob Ney visited the U.S.-Mexican border personally this week to talk with border patrol officials and observe first hand our border security. This visit also comes following recent events in the 18th Congressional District where illegal aliens have been caught and detained by local law enforcement officials only to then be let go per federal officials' orders.

On Tuesday, Congressman Ney toured the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Station in Yuma, Arizona, where he spent the entire day reviewing operations by border patrol agents, the National Guard and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials regarding their investigations and detention and removal operations. In the afternoon the Congressman then traveled to the San Luis Port of Entry for a tour of the area to observe the processing procedures there.

Congressman Ney also observed the massive infrastructure in place to help detect and detain illegal aliens trying to cross our borders including large amounts of high tech equipment, cameras, motion sensors, etc, that agents use to detect illegal aliens crossing the border.

(ALONG THE U.S.-MEXICO BORDER NEAR YUMA, ARIZ.) - 01AUG06 - U.S. Rep. Robert Ney, R-Ohio, talks with a member of the Tennessee National Guard along the U.S.-Mexico border in southern Arizona. The Guardsmen are part of Operation Jump Start, a mission in which the National Guard is working with the Border Patrol to enhance security along the border. Elements of various Guard units from around the nation are working as EITs - Entry Identification Teams - providing an extra set of eyes and ears along the border. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Dan Heaton.)

"The job of patrolling and securing our borders is not an easy one," Congressman Ney said. "The border patrol agents and National Guard that are on our borders and enforcing our laws are doing everything they can to enforce our immigration laws in a very dangerous environment. I'm convinced after going to the border that border patrol and security are a good investment and we must give them more resources, more tools and more funding to their job even better."

"However, addressing the issue of illegal aliens already in this country continues to be a problem as was seen in two incidents when local law enforcement officials in Belmont County and Chillicothe were forced to let illegal immigrants go after federal law enforcement officials instructed them to do so. When talking to ICE officials in Yuma I directly addressed these incidents and my disappointment in the federal government's decision to let the illegal aliens go."

This week's visit is one of many measures Congressman Ney has taken to understand and fix our country's illegal immigration problem. The Congressman adamantly opposes the President's guest worker program and does not support any amnesty for illegal aliens. In addition, he has a strong history of supporting legislation to secure our borders and provide adequate funding to border patrol officials to enforce our laws. For instance, Congressman Ney:

· Voted for H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, which is a sweeping immigration reform bill that focuses on enforcing current immigration laws and expanding them to crack down on those that are here illegally.

· Voted for the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill in June 2006 that provides $19.6 billion for border protection, immigration enforcement and related activities. This is an increase of $1.6 billion from fiscal year 2006 funding.

· In May 2005 he voted with his colleagues in the U.S. House to provide additional funding for 500 more border patrol agents.

· Introduced H.R. 4172, the Keep Americans Safe Act, which in addition to using state and local law enforcement to help monitor our borders, also requires the Department of Homeland Security to submit any information on an illegal alien to the National Crime Information Center and requires any illegal alien convicted of a felony to serve at least five years in jail and then be deported.
UPDATE: Alliance member Lincoln Logs has more...

DDN Claims 1/3 of Americans Believe 9/11 was Inside Job

So anyway, I got to work this morning and sitting on the news director's desk is a copy of the Dayton Daily News.

Normally, I wouldn't come near that left-wing rag, but the headline "36% of Americans Believe U.S. Involved in 9/11" sure caught my eye.

As you can see, I already used the term "left-wing rag" when it comes to the DDN, but this totally takes the cake.

I won't go too far into this; discuss below in the comments if you'd like.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dann Resorts to Lying About Montgomery

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
In an email sent today to supporters, State Senator Marc Dann launched a negative and dishonest attack against his opponent in the race for Ohio Attorney General, Auditor of State Betty Montgomery. Senator Dann, who suffers from a lack of both experience and credibility, has focused his campaign message on outrageous accusations against his more qualified opponent.
In his latest attack, Dann falsely accuses Montgomery of carrying and voting for the legislation that made it possible for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest in rare coins. The legislation that allowed these investments was in fact passed in 1996 - two years after Montgomery left the Ohio Senate to serve as Attorney General. In her role as Attorney General, Montgomery obviously could not play any role in facilitating this legislation.

Dann knows that lying to the public in a political campaign is unacceptable. He made this very rudimentary connection while running a political campaign in California in 1990. Accusing his opponent's campaign of making false accusations, Dann was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying, "lying is a very unethical thing."

This type of behavior from Marc Dann comes as no surprise. The Ohio Supreme Court unanimously disciplined him for unethical behavior in March of 2004. Even the Democrats sitting on the court came to this conclusion. More recently, last week he mistakenly suggested that the Attorney General's office was responsible for passing legislation when of course, this duty falls under the General Assembly. Also, earlier this summer he unethically declared that he knew nothing about a controversial state appointment, although he served on a committee that reviewed and approved the confirmation.

"Here he goes again," said Montgomery Campaign Manager Shane Ostrowski. "Dann claims to be a truth-seeker, but his actions and his blatantly dishonest campaign tactics consistently prove otherwise. Ohioans know Betty Montgomery too well to fall for Dann's lies."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Several Judges Responsible in Death of 2 College Students

The Plain Dealer delivers some more sad proof that politicians and judges are not serious about stopping people from driving drunk:

12-time DUI offender pleads guilty

A Geauga County man's latest and deadliest night of drunken driving will land him in prison.

James D. Cline pleaded guilty Monday to five felony charges in a crash in Burton Township March 2 that killed two Hiram College students and severely injured another.

Police and prosecutors said an intoxicated Cline plowed a pickup truck into the teens' car while fleeing Burton police.

You get caught once and it's a stupid mistake. A second time and you're hard headed. Three times? It is obvious that you have no respect for the law and your fellow citizen and should be locked up and never be allowed to drive again.

But 12 times!!!!!!!!

Instead of punishing the casual drinker by lowering the blood-alcohol limit to absurd levels, how about punishing people like James Cline like you really mean it? How does a person continually thumb his nose at the law and get away with it?

It is quite obvious that judges are not doing their duty. I hope that the judges and lawyers who kept letting this guy out realize just how much responsibility they share in the death of two 18-year olds.

I pray that they sleep not well.

No Help for Bob Ney?

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Rep. Bob Ney reported last night that he had not raised any money for a legal defense fund that he organized to pay his legal bills stemming from a federal investigation into his ties with former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

In papers filed with the House, the Heath Republican reported expenses of only $132.20 to buy checks for the fund. In his last report in May, Ney reported raising $40,000. Ney has paid more than $200,000 in legal bills from his re-election committee.

Phone calls to Ney's office last night were answered by a recording.


'Charlie Wilson stands with liberal leaders, refuses to stand with troops'

From the Chuck Blasdel campaign (via e-mail):

Right about now, Ohio 6th Congressional District candidate Charlie Wilson is heading back to Ohio after spending the morning at a fundraising event for his campaign in Pittsburgh, Pa.

While there, Wilson schmoozed with liberal leader Rep. John Murtha, who recently announced that he would hold off on his ill-timed bid for Majority Leader as Democrats remain the minority party in the U.S. House of Representatives.

While Murtha professes to be an ardent supporter of U.S. troops, he has time and again stated that not only can the U.S. not win the global War on Terror, it is causing the problem. He also wasn't sure that U.S. troops made any difference in the death of terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Wilson has refused to voice his support for U.S. troops and continues to take campaign cash raised from a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising video that used the caskets of fallen American soldiers to raise money. Despite calls from 6th Congressional District veterans, Wilson remains silent on the video while greedily collecting checks. So far, he has accepted more than $20,000 from liberal Democrat leaders who support the video.

Like Murtha, Wilson has a passion for raising taxes. Murtha voted for the largest tax hike in the country's history and voted at least five times for higher gas prices. Patterning himself after this new mentor, Wilson has voted to raise taxes and create new fees at least five times, including a tax on natural gas distribution.

Wilson also voted against continuing the Golden Buckeye Program, which provides discounts on prescription drugs to Ohio's seniors.

"It's a shame that Charlie Wilson continues parading around with liberal leaders who do not represent the values of Ohio's 6th Congressional District," said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. "I sure hope that Charlie took the opportunity today to explain to United Steelworkers why he voted against raising the minimum wage in Ohio."

Hiding Gambling Behind Education?

You must forgive me, but I am highly skeptical of politicians and their lackeys criticizing the Ohio Learn and Earn Committee for hiding the true reason for the proposed constitutional amendment (allowing slot machines at racetracks) behind college scholarships. Most states in the nation have lotteries that were passed with promises from politicians that the proceeds would be passed along to the school system.

As you may remember, Ohio's lottery has solved our education problems and politicians never touch the proceeds.

Minimum Wage Facts

The Buckeye Institute passes along some interesting facts about Ohio's minimum wage (from a study by David MacPherson of Florida State University):

*Less than 10% of earners are the sole earner for a family with kids.

*Almost two-thirds-62.7%-are under 24 and 48.3% still live with their parents.

*Almost three-quarters, 73%, are part-time employees.

Kinda changes your perspective, huh? You mean that the Democrats are lying to us?