Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Bleeding Blade

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In an editorial today, The Toledo Blade, which calls itself "One of America's Great Newspapers" (tough-to-see pic here), finds itself in what appears to be a bitter labor dispute engaging in tactics it has surely criticized when employed elsewhere, and sounding quite a bit like a number of business folks it has derided over the years:

REGRETTABLY, The Blade today finds itself in a labor dispute with the people who traditionally have mattered most to the company: our employees and their families.

We wish it were not so. We wish that it had not become necessary to utilize a management prerogative with an unfortunate sounding name - a lockout. So we believe it is instructive to explain for our readers, and indeed, for our own workers, why we are at this point.

The simple truth is that The Blade is bleeding financially and cannot continue to operate indefinitely under such circumstances. The company would not be proposing wage reductions and other concessions if our economic situation were not so severe. Our unions, in fact, do not dispute that our financial condition is dire. One of them, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, has already accepted a new contract.

The company considers a lockout to be the management equivalent of a strike by labor, and we believe it to be a legitimate tool in collective bargaining.

There's no mention as to whether The Blade might be re-examining its far-left news bias in the hope of gaining new readers. Don't count on it, and that's too bad. No one can deny that The Blade has outstanding investigative reporters. If they prioritized their pursuit of the truth beyond topics that make America, Republicans, and conservatives look bad, the market would probably reward their efforts.


save_the_rustbelt said...

"...There's no mention as to whether The Blade might be re-examining its far-left news bias in the hope of gaining new readers...."

I;m not a big Blade fan but that comment is typically ridiculous and over-the-edge.

BizzyBlog said...


The Blade IS biased; casual reads of the paper itself and observations by ex-newsroom folks confirm it.

Its editorials often could have been written by Mother Jones or The New York Times.

In an editorial about a decade ago, it also famously took partial credit for most of the good things that have happened in Toledo.

As I said, they have great investigative reporters and a far-left news and editorial slant.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Kind of reminds me of the various newspapers who loved to editorialize in favor of tax increases, but screamed bloody murder when congressman suggested that we should put a penny tax on newspapers.

As is his wont, BizzyBlog is spot-on!