Monday, August 14, 2006

Breaking from DDN: Stephanie Studebaker and Husband Arrested for Domestic Violence (UPDATE: Drops out)

Link is from Dayton Daily News.

WASHINGTON TWP., Montgomery County | Stephanie Studebaker, Democratic candidate for Ohio's Third Congressional District, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail Sunday morning on a charge of domestic violence, according to jail records.

"The campaign and I have no comment," Will Evans, communications director for the Studebaker campaign, said Monday. He added that he would put out a press release addressing the matter later Monday.

Studebaker, a resident of Washington Twp., was booked in at 11:27 a.m., according to jail records. She was released on a $25,000 cash surety bond at 2:51 p.m., according to the Victim's Information Notification System and jail records.

Mike Turner is the incumbent in the district.

9:45 PM UPDATE: Her husband was also arrested.

August 15, 6 PM update: She has dropped out, per DDN. A special election will apprently be held to determine a new candidate.

At the risk of sounding corny, I'm more interested in the Studebakers working out their differences, patching things up, and functioning as a good family than I am in the outcome of the 3rd District race.


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Steve the Pirate said...

Dern you for beating me to this one.

The only good modern Democrat is the one that's out of power, behind bars, or both!

Ben said...

nice endorsement, Strickland.