Monday, August 07, 2006


AP News Alert:
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) State Sen. Joy Padgett says embattled Congressman Bob Ney has told her he will not seek re-election.
I've heard absolutely NOTHING from my Ney contacts.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Embattled U.S. Rep. Bob Ney confirms he will not run for re-election.
So much for "I'm running no matter what."

8:00AM UPDATE: Statement from Congressman Bob Ney received via email:
"After much consideration and thought I have decided today to no longer seek re-election in Ohio's 18th Congressional District. I am extremely proud of my 25 years serving the people of Ohio. We've accomplished many things to make this state better and I will always be grateful for the trust my constituents put in me. Ultimately this decision came down to my family. I must think of them first, and I can no longer put them through this ordeal."

"I am deeply grateful for all of the trust and support my family, friends and constituents have given me over the past two years. I look forward to serving out the rest of my term and serving the constituents of the 18th District."


NixGuy said...


First question obviously, do we have a good replacement?

Matt Hurley said...

I have heard that Joy Padgett has been asked to run for the seat, but I do not have confirmation of that arrangement as of yet.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Padgett is pretty much a liberal Republican, isn't she?

The Pullins Report said...

Joy is very liberal and her and her husbands' business went bankrupt. That being said, she is being pushed by party leaders as the best because of her strong help to Petro in the primary.

I've got a post up now at about the process and my thoughts on who might enter the race. BTW, I live here in the 18th and worked on Jean Schmidt's special elections in 2005.