Friday, August 18, 2006

Bring Back Jeanette Bradley!

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Lt. Gov. Bruce E. Johnson cruised Downtown yesterday in one hot ride, real fast and real loud.

Office workers and residents were surprised by the sudden appearance of an F-16D fighter jet roaring overhead about 2 p.m. In the rear seat, behind the pilot, was Johnson.

The Ohio Air National Guard jet made two quick passes overhead before flying off.

"We had 911 calls galore," a Columbus police dispatch supervisor said. "One lady called me absolutely panicked because they were flying so low."

Training flights usually do not go over cities, National Guard Lt. Katherine Arvai said. But because Johnson was aboard, the pilot had flight controllers' permission to make a couple of passes over the Statehouse.

"It was done by the book," Arvai said.

Johnson wasn't out for a joy ride, said his spokesman, Merle Madrid.

"It's not just the thrill of riding shotgun in an F-16," Madrid said. "He was learning about the program."

Yea; right. Just admit that you got busted, apologize, and move on.

Jeanette Bradley was the only Taftite with any class.

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Anonymous said...

Are you crazy??? You must have never worked in the same organization with her or known anyone who did. She is the worst excuse for a leader that has ever existed. Not only is she incompetent, but she is also a nutbag.