Tuesday, August 01, 2006

'Charlie Wilson stands with liberal leaders, refuses to stand with troops'

From the Chuck Blasdel campaign (via e-mail):

Right about now, Ohio 6th Congressional District candidate Charlie Wilson is heading back to Ohio after spending the morning at a fundraising event for his campaign in Pittsburgh, Pa.

While there, Wilson schmoozed with liberal leader Rep. John Murtha, who recently announced that he would hold off on his ill-timed bid for Majority Leader as Democrats remain the minority party in the U.S. House of Representatives.

While Murtha professes to be an ardent supporter of U.S. troops, he has time and again stated that not only can the U.S. not win the global War on Terror, it is causing the problem. He also wasn't sure that U.S. troops made any difference in the death of terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Wilson has refused to voice his support for U.S. troops and continues to take campaign cash raised from a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising video that used the caskets of fallen American soldiers to raise money. Despite calls from 6th Congressional District veterans, Wilson remains silent on the video while greedily collecting checks. So far, he has accepted more than $20,000 from liberal Democrat leaders who support the video.

Like Murtha, Wilson has a passion for raising taxes. Murtha voted for the largest tax hike in the country's history and voted at least five times for higher gas prices. Patterning himself after this new mentor, Wilson has voted to raise taxes and create new fees at least five times, including a tax on natural gas distribution.

Wilson also voted against continuing the Golden Buckeye Program, which provides discounts on prescription drugs to Ohio's seniors.

"It's a shame that Charlie Wilson continues parading around with liberal leaders who do not represent the values of Ohio's 6th Congressional District," said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. "I sure hope that Charlie took the opportunity today to explain to United Steelworkers why he voted against raising the minimum wage in Ohio."

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