Friday, August 04, 2006

Chuck Blasdel Welcomes Speaker J. Dennis Hastert to the 6th District

This just in from the Blasdel campaign:
6th Congressional District candidate Chuck Blasdel today welcomed Speaker J. Dennis Hastert to Mahoning County.

Hastert’s visit is an indication of the strong support Blasdel enjoys from both national Republicans and scores of local supporters who are behind his campaign. Following an event in Canfield, Blasdel and Hastert held a press conference at the Mahoning County Republican Headquarters in Boardman.

“I am thrilled to welcome Speaker Hastert to the 6th District, and I appreciate his support for my candidacy,” Blasdel said. “Not only was this an opportunity for us to show the strength of my campaign but we were also able to show off Mahoning County – our neighbors and our businesses – to the Speaker.”

As Speaker Pro Tempore of the Ohio State House, Blasdel led the fight on reforming Ohio’s tax code to provide incentives for businesses to stay in Ohio and to attract new industries. The reformed code creates a friendly business environment for companies looking to expand and create jobs. The Comprehensive Tax Reform Package also provided a 21 percent cut in income taxes for all Ohioans.

Blasdel’s opponent, meanwhile, has voted at least five times to create new fees and raise taxes, including a tax on natural gas distribution. Charlie Wilson also voted against continuing the Golden Buckeye Program, which provides seniors discounts on their prescription drugs.

In the midst of this, Wilson has decided against showing off the 6th District to his liberal leaders, choosing instead to hold a recent campaign event in Pittsburgh. Given the resources available in the 6th District, one can only wonder why Wilson would feel it more important to give business to companies outside the 6th District. Wilson, however, does own stock in at least 18 companies known to outsource American jobs.

“Charlie Wilson has shown time and again that he is more beholden to the liberal leaders of his party than to the people and businesses of the district he wants to represent in Congress,” said Blasdel Communications Director Jessica Towhey. “When Wilson has had the opportunity to help Ohio, he’s voted against seniors and working families by refusing to support an increase in the minimum wage, and has voted to increase taxes. Sorry Charlie … neither you nor your liberal Democrat leaders represent the values and priorities of the 6th District.”
UPDATE: SOurces tell me that there was a LARGE turnout and a good amount of cash was raised for the campaign. Never hurts to give some more... (RightRoots)

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