Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dann Resorts to Lying About Montgomery

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
In an email sent today to supporters, State Senator Marc Dann launched a negative and dishonest attack against his opponent in the race for Ohio Attorney General, Auditor of State Betty Montgomery. Senator Dann, who suffers from a lack of both experience and credibility, has focused his campaign message on outrageous accusations against his more qualified opponent.
In his latest attack, Dann falsely accuses Montgomery of carrying and voting for the legislation that made it possible for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest in rare coins. The legislation that allowed these investments was in fact passed in 1996 - two years after Montgomery left the Ohio Senate to serve as Attorney General. In her role as Attorney General, Montgomery obviously could not play any role in facilitating this legislation.

Dann knows that lying to the public in a political campaign is unacceptable. He made this very rudimentary connection while running a political campaign in California in 1990. Accusing his opponent's campaign of making false accusations, Dann was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying, "lying is a very unethical thing."

This type of behavior from Marc Dann comes as no surprise. The Ohio Supreme Court unanimously disciplined him for unethical behavior in March of 2004. Even the Democrats sitting on the court came to this conclusion. More recently, last week he mistakenly suggested that the Attorney General's office was responsible for passing legislation when of course, this duty falls under the General Assembly. Also, earlier this summer he unethically declared that he knew nothing about a controversial state appointment, although he served on a committee that reviewed and approved the confirmation.

"Here he goes again," said Montgomery Campaign Manager Shane Ostrowski. "Dann claims to be a truth-seeker, but his actions and his blatantly dishonest campaign tactics consistently prove otherwise. Ohioans know Betty Montgomery too well to fall for Dann's lies."

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