Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Happy Third Blogiversary to Weapons of Mass Discussion!

Weapons of Mass Discussion, the lead blog of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance, started up on August 27, 2003 with a post that began with comments on media reports that post-Iraq invasion deaths of American soldiers (64) had surpassed those that occurred during the invasion.

Mark had the honor of the very first remark: "This whole thing of saying more killed at end of hostilities than during war is nothing more than an attempt by the left to make Bush sound like a moron. It does not matter that the casualties are tens of thousands less than the democrats thought there would be, because they do not want us to remember how they hoped and prayed Iraq would be another Vietnam."

Matt and Mark have been going at it impressively ever since, and have expanded into broadcasting with their Sunday night Wide Awakes Radio show. It's also great to see that they're cross-posting at the Wide Awakes blog.

Heartiest congratulations on reaching the 3-year milestone, guys.


Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

And Ohio conservatism hasn't been the same since -- thanks for all of the hard work guys!!!!

Matt Hurley said...

Thanks guys!