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Is Ken Blackwell Destined to Lose?

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If he messes around with socialized medicine he sure deserves to, but let us ponder some facts passed along to me from the Ohio Republican Party:

Here we go again. It's time for Democrats and the media to get all warm and fuzzy over the so-called signs of a Democrat victory in November.

They're running TV ads before Labor Day! They're energized! They're unified! Polls show them ahead! And - gasp! - some Republicans are voting for the Democrat! How quickly they forget.

2006: Democrats are on TV before Labor Day. (Akron Beacon Journal)
2004: Democrats outspent Republicans on TV before Labor Day: Kerry and pro-Democratic groups have spent $15,993,252 on Ohio ads between March 3 and August 15, while Bush and pro-GOP organizations spent $12,403,892 over the same period, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG. (All eyes on Ohio, Greg Botelho, CNN, 8/31/04)

2006: Democrats are energized. (Toledo Blade)
2004: Democrats were energized: But there's no denying that at least for this election, Democratic passions are being aroused. Polls that take the temperature of this battleground state show anti-Bush fever burning hottest in Northeast Ohio, where job-loss statistics are the worst in the state. ('Anger with Bush 'energizes' Democrats, Margaret Bernstein, 9/5/04)

2006: Strickland leads in the polls with three months to go. (Dispatch)
2004: Kerry led in the polls with three months to go: A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted in Ohio from Aug. 13-15 of 2004 showed a 10-point lead, giving Kerry "52 percent support to Bush's 42 percent." (All eyes on Ohio, Greg Botelho, CNN, 8/31/04)

2006: Most Ohioans don't know much about Ted Strickland. (Dispatch)
2004: Most Ohioans didn't know much about John Kerry: To these energized Democrats, Kerry's main appeal seems to be that he's not George Bush, which adds up to a tangible partisan polarization. "I have talked to voters who say they dislike George Bush and are voting for John Kerry without knowing anything about the man. That puzzles me. That worries me," said James Redmond, 46, a Republican and Fairlawn financial planner. ('Anger with Bush 'energizes' Democrats, Margaret Bernstein, 9/5/04)

2006: Democrats are more unified than ever. (ODP)
2004: Democrats were more unified than ever: 'I've been involved in politics a long time,' Johnnie Maier, the Stark County Democratic Party chairman, said at party headquarters in Canton. 'Up till this year, I never used words 'Democratic' and 'unity' in the same sentence. But Bush has unified us beyond my wildest expectations.' (Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times, 10/28/04)

2006: Democrats are campaigning in Republican areas. (Plain Dealer)
2004: Democrats campaigned in Republican areas: The Kerry campaign had hoped to do better in southeast Ohio.... Kerry's running mate, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, had made repeated visits to the area to woo voters. (Zachary Coile, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/4/04)

Sen. John Kerry spent Wednesday rallying voters in rural communities, far from the traditionally Democratic urban bastions of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, hoping to convince folks in the heartland that he is in step with their values and will look out for their interests. ('Kerry aims for rural support,' St. Petersburg Times, Wes Allison, 10/28/04)

2006: Strickland's talking about his faith. (Toledo Blade)
2004: Kerry talked about his faith: 'The fact that Senator Kerry is a person of faith is something that might help voters who are undecided,' McCurry said. Kerry has been explaining it more in recent weeks as he campaigns in socially conservative areas like rural Ohio. At a town hall meeting Saturday in Xenia, he talked about taking his rosary into battle during the Vietnam War. ('Kerry's hunting trip targets conservatives,' Nedra Pickler, Associated Press, 10/21/04)

From the pulpit to the pastures, Kerry is increasingly spreading a more spiritual message and visiting local churches, as he did the past two days in Ohio, to expound on the political lessons of the Bible's James and Saint Paul. ('Faith increasingly part of Kerry's campaign, Jim VandeHei, Washington Post, 10/18/04)

2006: Democrats are finding some Republicans to cross-over and vote for Strickland. (Dispatch)
2004: Democrats found some Republicans to cross-over and vote for Kerry: The Ohio pro-Kerry group has attracted support from Republicans as well. 'The economy is so upside down right now, people are willing to take another look at who can run the country better,' said Malcolm Riggle, who wore a 'Republicans for Kerry-Edwards' button at the rally. (Ken Stammen, The Columbus Dispatch, 10/27/04)

'...the Kerry campaign produced Hudson resident Greg Gross, a former intern and staff member in the first Bush administration, as a Republican for Kerry. ... 'I've always leaned toward Republicans on national security,' he said. But 'for me (siding with Kerry), this is easy.' ('Presidential campaigns find supporters in enemy camp,' Jonathan Riskind, The Columbus Dispatch, 3/28/04)

'Roaming from north to south, U.S. 23 traces green horizons of pastures and corn fields, squeezes through urban concrete canyons, and rambles ranges of the unexpected from "world famous" fried-bologna sandwiches and boulder-size pumpkins, to Democrats for Bush and Republicans for Kerry.' ('Exurbia,' Brian E. Albrecht, The Plain Dealer, 8/8/04)

'I served 20 years in the Ohio General Assembly as a Republican. People have asked me why I oppose George W. Bush for president.' (John A. Galbraith, letter to the editor, Toledo Blade, 9/28/04)

2006: Democrats think there's no way they can lose on Election Day.
2004: Democrats lost.

Let us be honest: the Republicans do not deserve to win, but the Democrats deserve it even less. 2006 is a different year and the Democrat Party just may pull it off, but if past performance is a predictor -- this left-wing cabal of kooks and weirdoes will grab defeat out of the jaws of victory and cross the finish line holding it over their heads, thinking that they've won -- a delusion held since the 2000 Florida debacle.

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