Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It’s Governorship – Not Brain Surgery

From the Dayton Daily News:

No matter who wins the governor's office this fall, Ohioans will get a man who school teachers found challenging at times. In speeches before school administrators and board members last week, both Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland told stories from their days in the classroom. Blackwell said as a fifth-grader, he was known as a "mouthy kid" but that his teacher, Mrs. Rose, expected all the kids could and would learn under her tutelage. Strickland recalled how fond Ms. Keller, his first- through fourth-grade teacher in his one-room school, was of him. But in later years, his teacher Ms. Joyce barked at him, "Strickland, will you shut up or I'll run your little finger through the pencil sharpener."

All five of my kids are what I will call overly mouthy -- born politicians???

On a side note: I love the new DDN website design, but I suspect that the ultra-liberal bias will remain.

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