Friday, August 11, 2006

Man, oh man do I detest hackers.

This just sucks. Any suggestions for a blogging engine less exploitable than MovableType?


BizzyBlog said...

I guess I don't know if you have your own host or not.

I'm saying anything is bulletproof, but Wordpress has its good points.

Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

I use moveable type, and I'd love to hear the whole story. And hear your thoughts on what needs to be done to back up a site.

People have begun to figure out that yes, I am actually a conservative Republican. And the hate comments are flying. So I am somewhat worried about hackers.

Ohio 2nd said...

Any publishing framework can be cracked (the politically correct term for what you are talking about from a hacker's perspective).

Some tips:

The first thing is to always use secure passwords to access to your host and to your blogging platform. If you are worried about security, change your passwords. Using secure passwords to your database is also essential. The database is the weakest link in most blogging platforms.

Use a host that regularly backs up your site for you. I use dreamhost which automatically backs up my server regularly. You'll also want to back up your database at regular intervals.

A key way to cut down on the static is to not allow anonymous comments on your site. I always require that people register with my site using a valid email address before they can comment. If the step out of line I warm them. If they do it again I bad them. Keeping down on ugly chatter will help a lot in this area.

Good blog spam blocking software is also a must. For wordpress I use the Spam Karma and Akismet plugins to blog spam and also have strick keyword filtering. Moveable Type is one of the most popular, so I'm sure that there are a lot of options.

Steve the Pirate said...

I'm pretty fond of Wordpress.