Friday, August 04, 2006

Marc Dann Lies to Cover His Lies

Continues to Try and Mislead the Public

Marc Dann's campaign for Ohio Attorney General admitted yesterday to the Columbus Dispatch that it made bogus accusations against Betty Montgomery in a fundraising letter. In order to explain their now public dishonesty, the ethically challenged Dann campaign sent a letter to supporters explaining their lie with yet another lie.
In their original letter the Dann campaign accused Montgomery of "carrying and voting for" legislation that made it possible for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest in rare coins - a wholly false accusation. This letter was used to solicit funds from Dann supporters in the days leading up to yesterday's campaign finance filing deadline.

Today, after having their dishonesty publicly revealed, the Dann campaign sent another letter to supporters attempting to explain their trickery with even more fabrications. This "explanation" letter claims that although Montgomery did not carry and vote for the bill authorizing coin investments, she did advocate for and vote to exempt rare coin sales from state sales tax. The Dann campaign claimed this was a "special interest gift for her buddy Tom." The provision that allowed for this exemption was in fact amended into HB 111, the 1989 biennial budget. It was first added in the Senate Finance Committee and was later amended in Conference Committee. Montgomery, a freshman senator at the time, was not a member of either of the aforementioned committees, nor did she offer any amendments to HB 111 on the Senate floor.

Montgomery did vote for the budget bill, along with the majority of her colleagues in the General Assembly. The bill ultimately passed the Democrat- led House with a bipartisan vote of 89-10 and passed the Senate unanimously. It was then signed by Democrat Governor Dick Celeste. Accepting Dann's logic therefore implicates every Democrat of that era, including Dann's Democrat ticket running mate (and then-state senator) Lee Fisher, in providing "special interest gifts" to Tom Noe.

Marc Dann's most recent lie comes as no surprise. He has developed a reputation for his deficient ethics, having been unanimously disciplined by the Ohio Supreme Court for unethical behavior in March 2004.

"It's a shame that Marc Dann has to constantly be reminded that lying to the public in a political campaign is not only unethical, but illegal under Ohio law," said Montgomery Campaign Manager Shane Ostrowski. "Unfortunately for him and his staff, these poorly thought-out and poorly researched accusations aren't enough to besmirch Betty's long- standing reputation for honest and ethical behavior."
Pretty soon, Ohioans are going to catch on to this scammer...

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