Thursday, August 03, 2006

Marines Never Run...

...nor do they falsely accuse one of their fellow Marines of butchery.

From the AP via The Columbus Dispatch:

Rep. John P. Murtha was sued for defamation Wednesday by a Marine Corps sergeant under investigation in connection with the deaths of Iraqi civilians in Haditha.

Lawyers for Frank D. Wuterich, 26, argue in a federal lawsuit that the Pennsylvania Democrat falsely accused Wuterich of "cold-blooded murder and war crimes." But they acknowledged during a news conference that Murtha identified Wuterich's squad, but not Wuterich by name, when speaking with reporters.

"His real problem is not his lawsuit against me, it's defending himself in court," Murtha told reporters Wednesday while campaigning in his hometown, Johnstown, Pa.

In a statement earlier Wednesday, the 16-term congressman said he does not blame Wuterich for "lashing out."

"When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident," Murtha said.

IMUHO, John Murtha is a coward and unworthy of the honorable title of US Marine.


Tom E said...


Please post your service record.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

US Navy 1987-1993 Hospital Corpsman

Served with Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines in Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm (a war which I opposed).

Honorable Discharge (Disabled American Vet).

Nice try.

Not that it matters (all Americans have a God given right to express themselves), but care to post yours?

Anonymous said...

I think it's Mad Jack that's been lashing out, not the marine.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I can't help but think that Murtha is faking it to get the good press (and a spot in the leadership.)

Either that or LBJ's poor Vietnam planning made Murtha go wuss.

Steve the Pirate said...

Tom E:


Steven's right. Why are veterans the only ones who can support the War on Terror? Since when did military service become a requirement to exercise one's freedom of speech?

I am unqualified for military service because I have epilepsy and diabetes and I really have no hope of ever serving, as much as I desire to. Does that mean I can't say I support the war on terror? I support the nation's police but I'm not a cop. Does that mean I can't criticize idiots who want to kill cops?

So, to put it in layman's terms...

Tom E. was pwned properly. Props to Steven.