Thursday, August 10, 2006

More on the Padgett Question

I have done some more checking and I am now convinced that Joy Padgett is eligible to run for Bob Ney's 18th Congressional District seat.

As I noted on Right Angle Blog:

Even though I originally thought that I saw disqualifying wording, above and beyond State Senator Jeff Jacobson's point, that would have made Joy Padgett ineligible to run for Bob Ney's seat, Chris Geidner -- AKA Law Dork -- sites chapter and verse disabusing me of that notion:

If there is a special election, I still believe that Padgett would be permitted to become a candidate by nominating petition because the prohibition of O.R.C. 3513.04 only applies to "the following general election." This would not be a general election; it would be a special election that O.R.C. 3513.312 specifically states is to be treated as "a primary election." Either way, it would appear, Padgett can run. [Emphasis mine-SJK]

I believe that closes the loop; Even if Joy Padgett must collect petitions to get on the ballot, she would indeed be eligible to run and I restate my request to have the good people of the 18th District decide for themselves who they wish to represent them.

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