Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Several Judges Responsible in Death of 2 College Students

The Plain Dealer delivers some more sad proof that politicians and judges are not serious about stopping people from driving drunk:

12-time DUI offender pleads guilty

A Geauga County man's latest and deadliest night of drunken driving will land him in prison.

James D. Cline pleaded guilty Monday to five felony charges in a crash in Burton Township March 2 that killed two Hiram College students and severely injured another.

Police and prosecutors said an intoxicated Cline plowed a pickup truck into the teens' car while fleeing Burton police.

You get caught once and it's a stupid mistake. A second time and you're hard headed. Three times? It is obvious that you have no respect for the law and your fellow citizen and should be locked up and never be allowed to drive again.

But 12 times!!!!!!!!

Instead of punishing the casual drinker by lowering the blood-alcohol limit to absurd levels, how about punishing people like James Cline like you really mean it? How does a person continually thumb his nose at the law and get away with it?

It is quite obvious that judges are not doing their duty. I hope that the judges and lawyers who kept letting this guy out realize just how much responsibility they share in the death of two 18-year olds.

I pray that they sleep not well.

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