Thursday, September 21, 2006

Desperate Dann Deliberately Dishonest

This just in from the Montgomery campaign:
For more than a year Marc Dann has been deliberately making false accusations about Betty Montgomery. And now, yet again, he has been caught in his own web of lies.
"Marc Dann, a career political operative, is relying on a cynical and calculated strategy of lies - repeat the lies often enough and maybe someone will believe them," Montgomery Campaign Manager Shane Ostrowski said.

Dann has accused Montgomery of sponsoring legislation making it possible for the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation to invest in rare coins, a wholly false accusation. Dann admitted this was false in the Columbus Dispatch in early August. More than a month later, however, his campaign repeated the lie in an online blog.

In his latest attack, Dann accuses Betty Montgomery of not returning a campaign donation from a questionable source. Dann was so zealous in his dishonesty that he went so far as to make this accusation in a sworn complaint filed with the Ohio Elections Commission on September 19.

Unfortunately for Desperate Dann, a September 13 editorial board debate recorded by the paper reveals that Montgomery explicitly told Dann that the donation in question had indeed been returned (within 24 hours of learning of the allegation). In yet another attempt for press attention at any cost, Dann is now pretending he doesn't know this and has publicly accused Montgomery of not returning the funds.

Dann has once again been caught in a bold-faced lie. The debate recording shows that Dann knew his allegation was false. In Ohio, it's illegal to knowingly make a false statement in a political campaign.

"Tapes don't lie - Marc Dann does," Ostrowski said. "These constant dishonest and deceitful attacks are signs of a hopeless candidate who can't compete with his opponent based on merit, qualifications and experience. Marc Dann has left us no other choice than to expose his deceitful strategy of lies."

Marc Dann's most recent lie is just one of his greatest hits. He has developed a reputation for his deficient ethics. "I guess we shouldn’t expect much more from someone who was one step away from losing his law license after being publicly reprimanded by the Ohio Supreme Court for misconduct."

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