Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't Let Clinton Censor "The Path to 9/11"

Ladies and Gentlemen, those of you on the Left Coast may have already heard about this on your morning shows, but I just heard about this. It seems ABC is going to air on Sept. 10-11 a 4 hour mini-series called "Path to 9/11." This film takes an unflinching look at the failures of the Clinton administration. It was screened a few weeks ago in Washington by the producers and directors. Richard Ben Veniste, Clinton hack and 9/11 Commissioner, was outraged at what he saw and demanded it be destroyed. Of course he would, Gorelick, himself, and Roemer were the Clinton filters on the Commission. Therefore, anything that would present the REAL story, and not revisionist history, would be anathema to these types. Michael Barone loved it.

Well, here is what is going on. President Bill Clinton is supposed or was supposed to call no less than the head of Disney, Robert Igar, to get this re-edited or cancelled. This call may have already happened. Why is it liberals are allowed to engage in censorship but when we just raise factual issues with drivel like Fahrenheit 911 we are called censors and anti-1st Amendment?

I think it is about time we strike back. Flood Disney's switchboards and emails. Go to to look for the contacts to make and flood those emails. Tell them we demand to see the true, unedited product. Tell them to let the American people make their own decisions, and not allow Bill Clinton to engage in censorship on the level of Stalin or Mao just to protect what little of a legacy he has left.

One of the most damning scenes is when a CIA team along with the Northern Alliance has UBL's house surrounded, and they seek the go order from Washington. They finally get connected and Sandy "Burglar" Burger tells them no way is Bubba going to condone this because it might hurt us politically. He tells them they can go in on their own, without authorization. The stunned CIA agent says, huh? You can't be serious? Is this really what you want?" Burglar hangs up on him, and the op is cancelled. A few weeks later, UBL bombs the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

See, folks, this is the truth that the Clintonistas and the liberals do not want us to see. They wanted us to see the lies of Michael Moore and BenVeniste and Gorelick and call it freedom of expression and full disclosure, but when someone makes a film criticizing them or revealing their own inadequacy and incompetence, by God, it must be stopped. Instead of refuting it, as we did with that propaganda piece by Michael Moore, they instead demand it never see the light of day and assault people for questioning their patriotism.

Don't be fooled. Flood Disney and ABC with calls. Don't let this go unheeded. Tell them to air the film as is. We need to see the true path to 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

NRO's Media Blog checked out the story:

I followed up on Andy's Corner post this morning by calling ABC, and was told by a spokeswoman that the "Path to 9/11" miniseries is "locked and ready to air," and that she hadn't heard anything about a pressure campaign to reopen the editing process. She said that she would check around and get back to me, but that a lot of people have already left for vacation. I'll post updates if they come, but it looks like "Path" is safe from Clinton mischief for now.

BizzyBlog said...

The consenus is that there are too many preview copies out there, and too many people who have actually seen it, for an attempted scrub to succeed.

I will be on pins and needles until it actually airs.

From a purely political standpoint, this could badly hurt the Dems in November and Hillary even in 2008 if heavyhanded attempts are made, and made known.

Steve the Pirate said...

Bill Clinton has covered up more about 9/11 than the left could ever accuse George Bush of doing.

Mark said...

Well guys, if you look at my update, you will see that the clintonistas have won again.....