Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Law Enforcement Groups Continue to Line Up Behind Montgomery

Kathryn from the Montgomery campaign emails:
COLUMBUS, OHIO 9/5/06 - Troopers for a Safer Ohio announced today that their members voted to endorse Betty Montgomery in the race for Ohio Attorney General. The group, which represents Ohio's 1,600 Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers, Sergeants and Communications Officers, is the third law enforcement organization to endorse Montgomery.
Members of the Ohio Troopers Coalition and the Ohio State Troopers Association voted for their preferred candidates through an online interactive ballot at OhioTroopers.org. A strong majority of voters chose Betty Montgomery in the race for Attorney General.

"Our members gave Betty a decisive endorsement," said Jim Roberts, Executive Director of Troopers for a Safer Ohio. "I'm sure it had a lot to do with the long- standing and productive relationship we've had with her during her many years of public service."

Montgomery said she was very grateful for the group's strong show of support. "State Troopers are very dedicated individuals who perform an important duty – guarding the safety of our citizens," said Montgomery. "I am honored to have their support and I will work to address their needs and concerns as Ohio's next Attorney General."

Montgomery has a strong record of supporting law enforcement. During her eight years as Attorney General, she made crime fighting the top priority and guiding principle of her office, fulfilling commitments to provide increased state support for local law enforcement and to upgrade the state's crime labs. Also, as Attorney General, Montgomery directed 40% of her budget towards law enforcement - an all-time high.

Other law enforcement groups supporting Montgomery include the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association (TPPA) and the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (FOP).

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