Thursday, September 28, 2006 To Invade OH-06

This just in via email: has started a new campaign to help out their good friend Charlie Wilson. The ultra-liberal organization is attempting to muscle its way into our local communities with a phone call blitz. MoveOn is here to scare voters into voting for their good pal Charlie Wilson, and the intimidation is scheduled to begin the week of October 2.

“ represents what is wrong with the political system in America ,” said Blasdel Campaign Manager Ryan Stenger. “The voters of the 6th District do not support MoveOn’s values, such as gay marriage, higher taxes and expansion of the government’s control on our lives and I’m confident they will see through these negative tactics.” has a track record of distorting the truth in attempts to influence other elections in Ohio and around the country. In multiple districts, MoveOn television ads were either refused or pulled by local television stations because they contained misleading information.

MoveOn has most recently sent emails to its members here in Ohio-6 asking them to participate in local phone call parties. They are going to attempt to exert their influence over our local elections by contacting thousands of local voters next week.

“Charlie has continued to campaign on his so-called conservative principles, but it was only a matter of time before his good friend George Soros came to the rescue,” said Stenger.

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