Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ohio State and the Boy Scouts: A Tale of Greed

Just call them the $Bucks$

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Boy Scouts can return to Ohio Stadium during the next home football game, but they won't usher, an OSU official said last night.

"We're going to let them back in," Associate Athletic Director Steve Snapp said. "We're not sure what their functioning is going to be. ... They are certainly back for this next game and I think for the foreseeable future."

"We need to ensure their safety first and foremost," Snapp said.

University officials will meet with local Scout leaders this week to help determine an appropriate job for the group, which consists of boys ages 11 or older.

For years, Scouts have been helping paid ushers, the so-called Red Coats, at the stadium in exchange for free tickets. Last year, the Scouts didn't get seats, but were permitted to watch the game while ushering.

A decision last month ended that tradition when the Scouts were informed they wouldn't be needed for ushering. Yesterday's announcement reverses that, to some degree.

"We have rethought it, and I think we have come up with a pretty good solution," Snapp said.

Ronald S. Green, executive director of the Simon Kenton Council for the Boy Scouts, said last night that he'll discuss safe, productive and appropriate tasks for the Scouts with the university. He doesn't want to see them picking up trash, he said.

"I have no idea what the scope of jobs will be," Green said.

Scout ushering worked well and was well-received by fans, Green said.

"It was expected and part of the lesson we wanted to teach. We wanted to earn our way," he said. "Many ushers started as Scouts."

Come now; this decision had nothing to do with safety.

What? The millions and millions of dollars that the university earns from athletics wasn't enough they had to pick on a few kids to scrounge an extra couple hundred bucks?


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