Friday, September 01, 2006

"Somebody" Has Engaged in Sock-Puppetry, and Has, under Pressure, Admitted to It

In addition to being a nationally infamous Election Commission complainer, he's now a nationally infamous sock puppet.

This "somebody" admitted it under questioning by someone (HT Instapundit) who clearly was ready to roll out the IP proof if the admission didn't occur.

In the process he essentially acknowledges that he's not able to hold his tongue when he needs to, or is even strongly advised to.

I can just imagine how safe information that shouldn't be made public would be if lightning struck and this "somebody" ever attained political office.

ADDENDUM: I think Gleeson gave "somebody" more of a break than he deserved in his post.

UPDATE: The infamy spreads -- Ace has picked up on it:

("somebody") got caught sock-puppeting in a post trashing his allegations that an opponent of his had been photoshopped into a newspaper picture showing her finishing a marathon. Making a false fauxtography claim, he got busted sock-puppetting. When worlds collide.


Sean Gleeson said...

You may be right, that I was too gentle on him. But I was so prepared to hear denial and stonewalling, that the immediate volunteered confession kind of stunned me into mercy.

BizzyBlog said...

I don't blame you for some of the mercy, but it wasn't like denying it was going to do him any good. Your outstanding work had him cornered.

I've seen plenty of politicians play the deny and stonewall act until similarly cornered, and then all of a sudden they find religion, so to speak. This includes a relatively recent personal experience before the same Election Commission, so I may be overreacting a bit in the opposite direction -- but not much.

The latest development is beyond bizarre. Every time I think I've seen it all.....

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

This is beyond bizarre. I at first was distrustful of Jean Schmidt, but I held no deep personal animus for her. What am I missing? Am I missing some ox blood?

Thanks to all who have nailed Nate to the wall.

Matt Hurley said...


I have come to believe that the animus towards Jean Schmidt has its origins in her race against Tom Niehaus in which her allies (Householder, for one) probably did as much if not more damage than she did (she lost, but managed to tick off a LOT of people in the process).

Furthermore, there are a number of politicos in the district who think they are ready (read: they "deserve to move up") to move up and Jean Schmidt is in their way.

And then there are people like Nate. And there are plenty of those in the Second District too. These are people who think they are better than people who have actually walked the walk in the political sphere.

Final thought: there are just too many people in the district who think they should have the seat...the incumbent will win every time so long as there are challengers willing to take themselves out...

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Thanks for the explanation Matt, with my limited knowledge of the district, that makes perfect sense.