Thursday, September 07, 2006

To the 40% or So of the GOP not United.....

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You get the government you deserve and vote, or in this case, don't vote, for. I was reading over on VikingSpirit's blog about numbers that show Ken Blackwell is only getting about 55-59% of Republican support. That jibes with the primary numbers, where Petro earned support in the 40s. It seems the Petrophiles only care about being sore losers. It seems their "unity" talk was all b.s.

Funny, folks, I thought we were all on the same side here. I thought we were all for moving Ohio forward, that we were for getting a governor who would LOWER TAXES, not raise them. Funny, I thought it was about keeping a kook Lefty out of office. I thought it was voting for the better of the two candidates, and obviously it is Ken Blackwell vs. Ted Strickland. However, all you Petrophiles who are withholding support are doing is crying in your beer. You would rather lose because it is not your guy rather than in doing what YOU KNOW is best for this state and for the party. No, rather to act like the Democrats, to whine and piss and moan because you didn't get YOUR candidate, you didn't get a candidate who will follow in full lock step. This has already been played out--in Connecticut. Rather than voting for the best person, people held out support for Lieberman based on a few issues, rather than the vast majority of issues where he agreed with him. Instead, they voted just based on some visceral dislike. And you know what is going to happen? The Dems will lose and Lieberman will win in November.

In this case, you Petroites are acting like Connecticut Democrats and You don't like Blackwell because he doesn't bow at your altar, he doesn't have nuance, whatever, he is not pure enough or moderate enough for you. Wow, how open of you. How great you are thinking of the state. And, if it is in fact true that the Ohio GOP is pulling back support, it doesn't surprise me because Bennett is nothing more than a RINO hack himself from Cuyahoga county. He is no more conservative or truly Republican than Lincoln Chafee.

Look, don't like many of my positions. You don't like many of Blackwell's positions. However, anyone with a clear bit of rationality, and I will give you all the benefit of the doubt because you are Republicans--cannot think that someone who is going to take Ohio from being the 3rd most taxed state to the 1st most taxed is good for the economy or the people of Ohio. Yet, that is exactly what YOU ALL are going to make happen if you don't vote for Blackwell come November. If you sit out and pout, if you vote for Strickland, you are voting against progress. You are voting for someone worse than Dick Celeste. You will see Ohio go down the sh**ter. And all because Blackwell doesn't fully speak your language. All because you think he doesn't have the common sense to listen to you and work with you once in office. For God's sake, he is a consummate politician. He follows the Reagan model. Reagan listened to even the moderates of his party and worked with them. Blackwell will do the same. Do you think Strickland will? Come on now. In these divisive times? Come on now. Get real.

So, I implore you. Think with your brain, not your bruised ego. Think about what is good for the state, not petty vengeance. Otherwise, you are going to give us all a horrible governor, and one who will not listen to any of us, conservative or moderate, all because we have an R next to our name. His rhetoric and his rhetoric prove it. And he says he stands by his rhetoric.

How many statements of unity and openness does it take for you Petrophiles? How many commissions must Jim be named to? How many RINOs does Blackwell have to promise jobs in the administration? Think about Ohio, not your slain ego.


save_the_rustbelt said...

I could care less about Petro.

The Ohio GOP has had 16 years and other than worshipping George Bush and being thoroughly corrupt they have done lttle lately other than wreck the economy and watch Bush work hard to destroy the manufacturing sector.

Blackwell is just another crony capitalist in the Bush mold, plus he had his army of crazy "Jesus wants me to have a Mercedes" preachers.

"None of the above."

We will survive.

Joe C. said...

Anti-capitalist and Christians are crazy. You Sir (or Madame), are truly in the mainstream of the Democrat Party, through-and-through.

SOBA wasn't talking to you since you wouldn't vote for anyone who wasn't a "comrade in the struggle".

I don't want to just survive, I want to thrive, which is anathema to your equality of misery Utopia.

Mark said...

rustbelt, let's see, they have worshippped bush for 16 years...hmmm, he has only been on the national scene for the last 6. How does that math work exactly? As usual, you are a fake, you have no true facts to guide your useless and pathetic accusations, you just much for being a party of tolerance....

Matt Dole said...

Mark - I agree with you. How about that! As you are well aware, I transitioned very easily to supporting Blackwell the moment it was clear Ken Blackwell was the nominee. Interestingly, I heard Joy Padgett speak last evening and she was adamant about getting behind Ken Blackwell. If she can do it - having been on the ballot opposite him - everyone should be able to.

Here's my thing for the people you call "petrophiles" - don't do it for the big tent. Don't do it to be "united." Do it because Ken Blackwell is the best candidate. Do it because Ken Blackwell shares our values. Do it because Ken Blackwell will be good on business, social, tax, health, and education issues. Do it because Ted Strickland is for higher taxes, bigger government, values not shared by the majority of Ohioans, and provides zero details about his administration.

Unity is great talk, and I am the biggest big tenter there is (just as I believe Mark and friends should get behind Mike DeWine) - but that doesn't drive political activity. Voting for the right guy at the right time drives activity, and Blackwell is the right guy at the right time.

BizzyBlog said...

I agree that Ken should have the automatic support of those who supported Petro. All you have to do is consider the alternative.

That said, Ken needs to get out to the hinterlands and suburbs and build/shore up his rural and suburban base, which I get the impression is being taken for granted.

Mark said...

Precisely my point, mr. dole. Blackwell is the right guy of the choices available. Just as, as much as i am loathe to admit it, Mr. DeWine is the right choice in his race between the two possible choices. If that 40% or so don't see that, then they are as clueless as the idiots in Connecticut.

save_the_rustbelt said...

Mark: apologies for the clumsy sentence

"...they have done lttle lately..."

I'll try make things clearer for you.

Joe C.:

I've been a conservative Republican since the Goldwater campaign.

In the good old days, conservative did not mean incompetent, nor corrupt, not crony capitalist.

Blackwell is running as a small government conservative who wants a $6B turnpike slush fund to (no doubt) reward campaign contributors.


Sometimes political parties have to be revitalized by losing.

Oldsmoblogger said...

Amazingly, the Democrats have gone enough bubbles off plumb that I'm probably going to vote for DeWine despite his appalling views on guns and mixed record on taxes. Blackwell, no problem. He's got my vote. Good post.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

"Crony capitalist" are not the words of a conservative, but a socialist/fascist.

save_the_rustbelt said...


You are quite bold with your opinions, even when you are not well informed.

Perhaps you should learn your vocabulary somewhere beside Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

I suggest you immerse yourself in the works of Russell Kirk and Bill Buckley, and etc. for ten years or so, then perhaps you can make a more solid argument.

Have a nice day.

putrimalu said...

Way to insult your fellow Republicans. If this is your way of reaching out to moderates, you're gonna see a hell of a lot more defections to the growing band of discontents finding out about economist Bill Peirce.

Matt Hurley said...

Hey, look everybody, another one of them "moderate" "Republicans" who would rather vote for someone else than Blackwell. You people are causing divisions in the party now because your boy lost. All I heard about before the primary was how the conservatives needed to "unify" behind all the "moderates" and just live with it. Well, guess what, my "moderate" friends? Now it is your turn to just live with it.

If you are voting for a Libertarian or Democrat, you aren't a Republican...don't come in here saying you are something you aren't...

Oldsmoblogger said...

Did you see Rocky Saxbe and those other clowns come out for Strickland the other day? Pathetic, just pathetic.

Mark said...

Save the Rustbelt,

from someone who has read buckley, and some buchanan and some kristol, some barnes, as well as others, you sir, don't know s**t about what you are speaking of. Those men would never kowtow like you have. the very way you present yourself shows that you are neither a republican nor a conservative, just by the way you act. You come in here acting like you are the smartest person in the room, just like a liberal, full of self-serving awe at your own intelligence. You are nothing more than another troll.