Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blade Struggles to Find Compelling Reasons to Vote for Ted in their Strickland Endorsement

Read this and you'll see:


Rather than dwell on what Mr. Blackwell does not bring to the job, we’d rather concentrate on what Mr. Strickland does — a broad background that should serve him well in Columbus.

Should he win, he might be the only governor in Ohio’s history with a doctorate degree. His PhD is in counseling psychology, earned at the University of Kentucky. He might also be the only governor to be an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He has a master of divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, and his bachelor’s degree in history from Asbury College.

He has served as a prison psychologist and taught psychology at Shawnee State University.

And, of course, he has represented Ohio’s 6th congressional district in Washington, winning his first term in 1992, then returning in 1996 for five more terms. It’s significant that in a district noted for its cultural conservatism, he ran unopposed last time. In addition, Mr. Strickland would be that rarest of statewide officeholders: a governor from poor, rural southeast Ohio. As we have noted and lamented many times over the years, it is nearly impossible for a candidate who is not from the Three C’s — Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati — to win statewide.

He truly would be a governor from the “Other Ohio,” and it’s about time. Moreover, his running mate, Lee Fisher, is extraordinarily qualified to serve as governor if ever needed.


Let's see:
- He has a doctorate as a shrink and is a minister.
- He was a prison shrink and taught psych classes.
- He's been a legislator for 12 years.
- He's not from the three Cs.

Boy, Ted Strickland is so "obviously" ready to jump in and run a state with 11,000,000 million people, a $25-plus billion annual budget, and over 45,000 employees (excludes universities and probably other areas).


The other papers' inevitable Strickland endorsements promise to be quite entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Republican Governors Association has bolted from Blackwell. Don't expect much national help for the rest of the campaign.

BizzyBlog said...

Gee, that's news to the Dispatch (Oct. 5):

LoParo said Blackwell does have television and radio ads airing but did not disclose details. He said the Republican Governors’ Association is airing a TV ad in certain markets criticizing Strickland.

Nice disinfo try, no sale.