Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cincinnati Weekend Congressional Endorsements

The Enquirer:
OH 1st District -- Cranley (you read that right)
OH 2nd District -- Schmidt ("very close call" - argh)
OH 3rd District -- Turner
OH 8th District -- Boehner
KY 4th District -- Davis

The Post:
OH 1st District -- Chabot (surprisingly strong endorsement over Cranley)
OH 2nd District -- Wulsin
KY 4th District -- Lucas (very weak editorial job)

Also, the Post surprised no one and endorsed Strickland for gov. The editorial shamelessly repeats the 527 Media meme that the late-1990s hiring story is "discredited." Zheesh


VikingSpirit said...

I can't belive the Enquirer endorsed Cranley.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

The Enquirer is a dying paper as they gave up their conservative credentials in a fit of Plain Dealer envy.

Is ONE conservative paper in Ohio too much to ask for? You wimps can have all of the rest.