Sunday, October 22, 2006

DeWine Bats Four for Five on Sunday

On the plus side:

- The Plain Dealer turned its back on area congressman Sherrod Brown to endorse DeWine. Key point: "When DeWine votes against his party, he leaves it to move to the center; when Brown does so, he moves to the Democrats' left." Sherrod Brown is too radical for the PD.

- The Cincy Enquirer endorsement is, of course, no surprise.

- The Canton Repository also endorsed DeWine -- I don't have any sense of where that paper would have been expected to come down.

- A mild surprise to me is the Cincy Post endorsement of DeWine -- the remains of what was a pretty decent paper many years ago has leaned left, but Sherrod Brown was a bridge too far. Key sentences: "But the strongest argument for DeWine is DeWine. His isn't a flashy personality. He doesn't light up the room when he walks in, and he's seldom one of the faces you'll see on the Sunday morning news shows. He is, however, a decent, principled, hard-working legislator who has devoted his energies to solid, and often humanitarian, causes."

- The lone dissenter was totally expected: The Blade.

That's eight of nine in the DeWine column that I have posted on in the past two weeks. I don't think Team Brown expected that.


Janet said...

Just a quick note: check out Pamela at atlasshrugs --
She had dinner with Mike Dewine last night and posted. Nice pix!

BizzyBlog said...

She did a very nice post.