Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Heart Dewey Stokes

NOTE: Originally published on Right Angle Blog.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

In the last meeting of Franklin County commissioners before next week's election, Republican Dewey Stokes called for an immediate repeal this morning of a half-cent sales-tax increase enacted in 2005.

Better-than-expected investment returns and higher-than-projected retail sales have swelled county cash reserves to more than $100 million, he said.

That figure is higher than commissioners expected to set aside before the end of 2007, when a quarter-cent of the tax was set to expire.

“The figures show we overtaxed our citizens,” said Stokes...

I realize that Deborah Pryce is not as conservative as some would like, but she is much better than her opponent: Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy. Kilroy and her Democrat partner rushed to raise the sales tax almost immediately after Taft made permanent most of his "temporary" increase.

Pryce is an idealistic leader and she deserves your support.

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