Monday, October 16, 2006

Jean Schmidt Must be Shivering -- NOT!

Former Marine and noted coward John Murtha is stumping for her Democratic congressional opponent Victoria Wulsin.


Nathan "Nate" Noy said...

Kelso you are a RINO just like the rest of the SOB, pathetic that you pretend to be conservative then censor people like me from sharing the truth about corrupt RINO’s like Jean Schmidt. You and the SOB are a sad fraud!


Matt Hurley said...


You really should stop slandering the Alliance. You have a problem with an individual, I recommend that you take that up with the individual in private.

You're a lawyer, what sort of penalty is there for slander???

You are messing with the wrong guy... That you failed to learn this lesson the first time you slandered the Alliance goes to show how much of an amateur you are and why you don't deserve a seat in Congress.

Mark said...

But, he does sound like a perfect fit for the Michael Moore party.

Mark said...

Mr. AnNoy,

You are not doing anything other than alienating a massive blogger alliance that reaches tens of thousands of voters, not to mention hundreds of newspapers. Perhaps if you grew up a little bit and actually thought before you opened your mouth, you might realize that slandering 40 some odd blogs with such a wide reach is not in your political best interests, nor your legal best interests if one should decide to pursue slander charges against you.

BizzyBlog said...

The Enky noted that the crowd was "More than 200 supporters of Democratic congressional candidate Victoria Wulsin - union members, military veterans and campaign volunteers."

Zheesh. That means no more than 150 people came out to see this legend. Oh, wow.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Nate: It would be wise for you to ponder Mark's words -- he is absolutely correct. I like some of the things that you have said, but then you went on this crazy tangent and I am afraid that you lost all credibility among Ohio bloggers.

I doubted Rep. Schmidt and made no recomendation the 1st time that she ran -- coming close to advising that the good people of the 2nd District sit out that particular election! I was wrong; she has amassed a powerful conservative record and has my full support.

Something that you'd better realize right now is that the bloggers of the Alliance are a group of Republicans with vastly different opinions and they are free to share them. That is why I have so much respect for the writers that Matt and Tom have united.

PS: As the radical of the bunch, to be labled a "RINO" amuses me to no end -- thanks!