Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mongomery is a Proven Leader

Newark Advocate Endorsement

October 4, 2006

If there's one slam dunk race in Ohio this year, it's clearly the race for attorney general between veteran Republican Betty Montgomery and upstart Democrat Marc Dann.

We heartily endorse Montgomery, a veteran state officeholder who's repeatedly proven to be an outstanding leader and representative of Ohioans.

The current state auditor, Montgomery previously served two terms as Ohio's attorney general, where she worked aggressively to hold Buckeye Egg Farm in Licking County accountable for its environmental transgressions.

Montgomery's qualifications far surpass Dann, and she understands work needs to be done to fix mistakes by Attorney General Jim Petro. For one, she's vowed to keep more legal work in office instead of hiring costly private attorneys, many of whom donated to Petro's campaigns. She also has pledged to review all state contracts to make sure taxpayers are protected.

Dann, a current Democratic state senator and private practice attorney from Youngstown, correctly has made a ton of noise about the various scandals Republicans created for themselves. He's even challenged Gov. Bob Taft in court about opens records access.

But he's done nothing to show he's capable of transforming himself from a critic to a leader and manager of one of Ohio's most complex and important offices.

Even worse, he's been publicly reprimanded by the Ohio Supreme Court for mishandling a client's case, a distinction that seems improper for Ohio's top attorney.

Montgomery remains one of the few top Ohio Republicans left unscathed by the scandals of recent years, which comes as no surprise. She's well known for being fair, tough and balanced in pursing her work.

She's a proven leader worthy of your vote.
The endorsements keep rolling in for Betty!

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