Friday, October 06, 2006

Tony Snow appears with Jean Schmidt

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Today, Tony Snow appeared at a Jean Schmidt fundraiser at the Millenium Hotel in Cincinnati. Yours truly was in attendance, although I was at one of the back tables.

The fundraiser was supposed to start at noon, but it started late because Snow's flight got delayed in Washington. The show got rolling around 12:45 when Schmidt came to the podium to introduce Snow. Schmidt gave a basic stump speech outlining what she thinks about the issues, and after that she introduced Snow.

Snow gave a great speech. His speech wasn't one of those that spew partisan hate about Democrats; he gave a very positive speech on why it's important for people to be involved and politics and about how America has withstood many tests since 9/11. Snow started his speech by talking about how he's glad to be back home. For those of you who don't know about Snow's background, he grew up in the Cincinnati area and graduated from Princeton High School. Snow then talked about why it's important for people to be involved in politics. After that, Snow discussed how America has stayed strong since 9/11. He cited 9/11, corporate scandals, the recession, and the two wars we're in as things that would've knocked every other country down, but didn't knock us down. Snow also talked about 9/11, but he said he wasn't politicizing it. He talked about how 9/11 bought out the spirit we have as Americans and how that spirit has made us stronger.

All in all, Snow gave a great speech, and I am glad I went to the event. If anyone could send me some pictures from the event, I would be greatful. Please send them to vikingspiritblog AT yahoo DOT com if you wish to.

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