Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Twenty-Three Brown Publishing Newspapers Endorse Blackwell

Twenty-three Brown Publishing newspapers today endorsed gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell. The newspaper chain serves 1.8 million Ohioans and 750,000 households in 31 counties.

The newspapers believe “the candidate with the right ideas to reverse Ohio’s course is Ken Blackwell, and it’s highly ironic he has fought against his own party to promote them.”

They applauded Blackwell’s specific solutions to Ohio’s economic challenges.

“Blackwell’s proposal to simplify the income tax to a 3.25 percent flat rate would make Ohio highly competitive in the state-v-state competition to attract and retain jobs. His suggestions to privatize the Ohio Turnpike and address Ohio’s estate, capital gains, and commercial activity taxes are also job friendly.”

“Ohio has great people and great businesses. It sorely misses good government. Both candidates understand that Ohio’s economy is sick. The real difference between them is that Blackwell understands the cure.”

Pointing to Ohio’s poor national rankings of 47 in job creation and third in overall tax burden, the newspapers criticized Ted Strickland’s unwillingness to offer specific reforms and fear he will expand the size of government and increase taxes.

“Ted Strickland knows these numbers because many come directly from his own campaign materials. He deftly recites them when defining the problems the state has seen under Republican leadership. And defining the problem may be enough for him to ride the prevailing political wind into office. But merely defining a problem, without more, is not solving it. The ‘more’ that Strickland offers is ‘more’ of the same. His ‘Turnaround Ohio’ plan offers ‘more’ government that will cost taxpayers ‘more’ money.”

The endorsement will run throughout the week in the following Brown Publishing newspapers:

Daily Newspapers

Circleville Herald, Delaware Gazette, Fairborn Daily Herald, Galion Inquirer, Greenville Advocate, Hillsboro Times-Gazette, Madison Press, Piqua Daily Call, Sidney Daily News, Troy Daily News, Urbana Daily Citizen, Van Wert Times Bulletin, Washington Court House Record-Herald, Wilmington News Journal and Xenia Gazette.

Weekly Newspapers

Ada Herald, Beavercreek News-Current, Eaton Register Herald, Morrow County Sentinel, Perry County Tribune, Putnam County Sentinel, Times Community Newspapers of Dayton and West Union People’s Defender.

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