Monday, October 30, 2006

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of The Dispatch's Joe Hallett

NOTE: First published on the Right Angle Blog

I have attempted to ignore The Columbus Dispatch's senior political scribe Joe Hallett, but there comes a time when the forces of evil can no longer be ignored and the hypocrisy of limp-wristed liberals must be challenged and called to the mat -- now is such a time.

Even after Mr. Hallett has been proven a true hypocrite and an underground Democrat operative (Hallett wrote a story just last week that claimed that Blackwell did the exact same thing that Ted Strickland did and therefore the attacks against Strickland and his handling of the sex pervert on his staff should end), he comes out with yet another attack on the right and while not naming us, the RAB bloggers, most who have made absolutely no charges against Strickland and his sexual preferences (in fact, many like myself have written on this page against such charges and demanded that they stop.)

Hell, even some Republicans have gone off the deep end!

From Hallett scummy hit piece in The Columbus Dispatch:

In sports, a play that doesn’t work eventually is purged from the playbook.

Not so in politics. Three times in the last 20 years, Republicans have used an unholy Hail Mary pass in desperate attempts to pull out last-minute victories. So far, voters twice have batted down the passes, and now they’re in position to do it again.

The play always links sex with politics, and if that doesn’t rev up voters, children are thrown in.

And what did the Democrats do in this same period, act like angels?

Now comes GOP gubernatorial nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell, trailing badly in the polls, with an October surprise against Democrat Ted Strickland. With homophobic bloggers serving as campaign adjuncts to spread rumors that Strickland, married for 18 years, is gay, Blackwell accused Strickland of harboring a pedophile on his payroll.

Moreover, Blackwell twisted a vote Strickland cast in Congress to suggest that Strickland supports sex between adults and children.

Voters won’t believe the unbelievable. It defies logic — particularly when the only evidence is innuendo — that a married, ordained Methodist minister and psychologist with an ethically spotless 12-year record in Congress is a pedophilia-supporting homosexual.

The "Strickland is gay" garbage disgust me and as you can see from the link above, I spoke against it at the very beginning, but the other two charges deserve some discussion. The Ohio electorate would be ignoring the truth if they were to react as Hallett demands of them. Strickland DID vote "present" when almost the entire congress condemned a report that stated that sex between adults and children can be OK. Strickland DID treat a convicted sex offender in his employ to a vacation to Italy instead of sacking him (though Hallett wanted Blackwell to use his powers of looking into the future and fire an employee for his sexual crimes.)

The stench of hypocrisy and Democrat partisanship on Hallett's part is overwhelming!

Blackwell’s attack is rendered even more incredible by the disclosure that he lives in a glass house. As state treasurer, he hired a felon and then kept him on board after learning of his long arrest record.

Against overwhelming condemnation by editorial pages across the state, Blackwell narrowed his attack against Strickland, saying he should have conducted a background investigation once he was anonymously tipped off that his 1998 campaign manager had been arrested four years earlier on a misdemeanor public-indecency charge.

There is merit to that claim, but it has been lost amid the shameful gay-baiting tactics. The 2006 campaign, more than any in recent memory, has disintegrated into a vicious smear. Nothing is out of bounds, including the exploitation of ethnic and racial stereotypes.

Neither Blackwell nor any respectable Ohioan blogger has accused Strickland of being gay (something Hallett no doubt sees nothing wrong with in the first place!) Since the Democrats just a week before this story erupted were all high and mightily demanding that the Speaker of the House resign over his supposedly poor leadership in the Foley matter, demanding that Strickland answer for his worse actions seems only fair, Mr. Hallett -- I charge it is your limp-wristed liberalism and your Democrat partisanship that blinds you to this simple truth.

And while I am at it, let me challenge Hallett on some of his other judgments in the column:

But the scummiest attack so far, in my opinion, is a TV ad aired by Republican Bill Hayes, who is running against Democrat Dan Dodd in the 91st Ohio House District, including all of Perry and Hocking counties and parts of Licking and Pickaway counties.

In a district that is 97 percent white, this is the "Willie Horton" ad of 2006, showing a big photo of a black deathrow inmate next to a photo of Dodd. "Dan Dodd does not want this man to be executed," a narrator says. "He kidnapped, raped and murdered a 14-year-old girl. Dodd’s liberal plan would spare his life."

This is no more racist than the original "Willie Horton" ad (which, by the way, had no image of Horton). I am sorry that the murder was black, but he was a murder after all. I see no problem with showing this truthful ad -- why exactly does Hallett fear truth? I am sorry that Hallett see a black man who is also a murder and connects the two, but I do not automatically think criminal when I see a black man, Hallett apparently does. I leave him to work through his problems, but I must move on to more important things, like helping a black man become governor, something Hallett opposes for reasons I leave you to ponder.

Democrats like Hallett are pretty good at dishing it out, but squeal like schoolgirls when they have to take it.

Let's rock!


QEd said...

My blog on you say it all.

LargeBill said...

Funny how he says Strickland's record in congress is spotless. Of course it is, he's never there.

Mark said...


why don't you go back to trying to screw over libs with your nasty amway knockoff? YOu have little but invective and smear to say, and you do nothing but try to write all your posts as third person press releases to make you feel more self important. Kindly get a clue, and that host you are with is what, ranked 150 out of 151 in ratings? Pathetic, as are you. So I guess this means you are going to sue me now, right?

Mark said...

and what the hell does "my blog on you say it all" mean anyway? Could you maybe speak english?

Mark said...

This mlm liberal has abused his office by getting pictures of the child of a blogger who revealed the name of mark foley's page publsihed on his webpage, and how he threatens sob bloggers with his influence in the law enforcement community. I really hope officials look into his threats and see that he is properly reprimanded. He also has looked up a letter writer to local papers and someone who harassed a lib talk radio person, has looked up their address and published it. He appears to be engaging in intimidation of opposition. I think he should be revealed to local and state authorities and investigations into the use of his time on government pay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he looked up the address of someone who sent a death threat to a "liberal talk show host." So mean of him. Exposing idiots who send death threats. Whatever.

Mark said...

You stupid putz, he also looked up the picture of a child of a blogger he didn't like and published the name and location of that child on his blog....that makes him a scumbag, yes.