Tuesday, November 07, 2006

America is Being Wounded Tonight

Several conservatives are losing due to the liberal policies which the GOP had thrust upon them.

Remember this night as the moment that America retreated from freedom into tyranny.


Anna said...

My fear is for our military should the majority go to the Dems!

Anonymous said...

Retreated from freedom into tyranny?

Rhetorical excess alert!

Jessie said...

Phil's right - Although the Democrats will be bad for the country, and in some ways, bad for the world, they are being freely and fairly elected. Thankfully we are all participants in a democratic process will be here in 2 more years.

Mark said...


You really need to cool the rhetoric. To go to the pure unadulterated extremes you are is going to do nothing but inflame the divisions between us. Yes, lets get to work and go on and try to move the conservative agenda forward, but the type of nonsense you are spewing is doing nothing but making you, this alliance, and Republicans and conservatives look like kooks and whiners and extremists. Take some valium or something, you are doing nothing but hurting the cause.....

LargeBill said...


I've been having the same thoughts tonight. I have one nephew in the Marines and his younger brother is going into the Army on Monday. The voters are abandoning our military tonight.


Time will tell if Steve's rhetoric is excessive. The people in Iraq have to be wondering when we will abandon them like we did the South Vietnamese. And if we do, what will fill the vacuum?

As far as his comments about Montgomery . . . . okay that was overboard, but I think we are all a little angry about tonight. I'm sure I'm not the only one self medicating with libations. :-)

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Funny, I did not see my name on the ballot. It is not I who lost every statewide seat but one.

I am but a poor man who must pay for the very real effects that the government has on me. I am happy that you have enough that you can afford such folly, I cannot.

I am sorry that the words that flow from my crippled hands offend you, but I thank God that you can afford to surrender more of your hard-earned money. I cannot.

Sadly, I have looked into the eyes of the poor of Southern Ohio and the mean streets of Cleveland. I suffer when I imagine yet more years where they must break their backs.

Connect the Dots 2006 said...

Steve, I'm with you. Ohio, and America, can kiss their ass goodbye.

Which way is Mecca, anyway? I just wanna get it right so I don't get beheaded.

Mark said...

Look, Mr. Kelso, You don't know a damn thing about me....OK? I don't like govt taking more out of my hands, because as you postulate about yourself, I don't have a whole hell of a lot either! Don't go making me out to be some f'ing fat cat republican establishment politico. If you look at my record of postings, I have sounded off consistently against the ORP and the standard line.

We have to come together, look at why we lost (too much liberalism and succumbing to the trappings of power) and make sure we elect people to make the party decisions that will get us conservatism, not the crap that we have currently gotten.

Look to reagan and the 11th commandment. He was a conservative and he did pretty damn well, last time I checked, now didn't he? OK, so, let's carry on here with constructive comments and moving forward for 2 years from now, not pissing and moaning in our beer and making such infantile and stupid comments as asking about Mecca, connecthedots.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Mark: I stand corrected on the funds and I apologize (no, really!)

I do not know if we need to come together too quickly. Perhaps we need a little healthy debate and a little venting? Let us open the window and raise a little dust.

PS: RR was not exactly kind to Ford and his "moderation."

LB: I remember seeing a chicken-wire cage about the size of a suburban garage. It was in Cambodia and it was filled with the skulls of the people who died because the American left won. I have met heroes who were yelled at and spit upon.

Never again!

Mark said...


I dont want iraq to be vietnam 21st century or to be the cambodia of the 21st century. I agree with that. Another thing we can agree on.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Mark: I have no doubt of your support for America, her people and her Constitution.

Let us go forward and defend her together -- anyone who like Captain Kirk is OK in my book :)

Mark said...


that is what I always do, and how I roll......