Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Bobs have F***ed Us...

OK, I stole this one from Matt....

Bob Ney, Bob Taft, and Bob Bennett have destroyed Ohio as a Red State. Yes, the Petrophiles helped, but I lump them in with Bennett. Bennett must never ever be mentioned again, let his name be stricken from the record. He took what should have, should have even with the problems nationally, and turned it into a catastrophe. He and the ORP was General Custer walking in drunk and stupid into the Little Big Horn.


MartyFulbrook said...

I've been censored by RAB, but I thought I'd post a thought here.

This statement is simply not true. The Republican party lost as a whole tonight. We lost as the party of Taft, and no one in the party is a fan of Bob Taft anymore.

But we shouldn't forget that no Republican did worst in a statewide election that Ken Blackwell did. He refused to even attempt to unite the party. We have all lost because of it. Don't forget that. Ken Blackwell tried to win alone, and he failed.

It is time to re-define the Republican Party. One thing that I whole-heartedly agree with Kelso on, is the party being one of fiscal conservatism. One of small government and low taxes.

It is time to embrace that ideal. The Karl Rove / Ken Mehlman strategy of the 51% victory doesn't work. It is a strategy built around wedge issues and unimaginative leadership. Focusing on the issues that divide the masses instead of bringing people into the party. I don't want anyone to change their beliefs or opinions on any specific issues. All I want is for the party to unite. We had won two elections running on seperation issues andhad won by unbelievably close numbers. That strategy had been embraced by NRP people. We've seen tonight it has failed. IT was inevitable.

It's time to inspire again. Our ideas DO inspire. Our ideas will provide the best government for this country. But we have to take the risk of telling the nation those ideas. We have to take the risk of going out on a limb. The difference will be between winning by 51% and winning by a landslide. Reagan told us ideas. Let's uphold that ideal. IT's time.

Our ideals are the one the country is thirsty for. It's time to let them hear them.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but it must be said. Ken did not drag down the party. Many Republicans in this state don't like him because he isn't a "yes man" and wouldn't bow to Bob Bennett. He was told to wait his turn and did. We all know primary hurt us, but you can't blame Ken for not wanting to pull out. Bob Bennett may have left his "pointy white hat" at home, but the bottom of his little white robe is still showing. Any attempt the ORP was making towards courting the minority vote just went out of the window, but I am sure Bennett doesn't think the party needs "those people" anyway.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I told you of my agreement in another post, so let us now talk of of our disagreement.

I will be glad to forget gay "marriage" forever, once the left stops trying to use the government to remake our society in its own image.

I will stop getting involved in government education once the left stops using their power to brainwash my children (give me a voucher and I will let you teach you kid whatever you want as I will be fully in charge of my child's education.)

Please lose the idea as if this is a 1-sided fight with a bunch of right-wing busybodies. The "Religious Right" stayed out of politics for most of the country's history (Speration of Church and State was OUR idea!) It was not until the left decided to use the goverment to force everyone to become like them that we got involved.

As for Blackwell, his loss may have been inevitable in an anti-Republican year, but he ran as a moderate, not a conservative. And he lost.

MartyFulbrook said...

I'm not talking about Gay Marriage here, Kelso, although I don't think centering the Republican strategy on that issue was ever a good idea. I think there's plenty of room in the party for people on both sides of the issue.

Blackwell topped out at 37%. That is ABSURD. Almost ONE MILLION votes. It's something that no one on RAB is mentioning. Yes, there was a wave of anti-Republicanism, but Dewine only lost by 11%. Betty by 5%. Sandy O'Brien and Hartman by 15%. Ken Blackwell by close to 24%. Seriously -- that is astonishing. There are rumors that he tucked away some cash for his next campaign... but let's not underestimate how much his AWFUL showing dragged down the rest of the ticket.