Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Deborah Pryce Declared the Winner in Ohio's 15th District

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Ohio’s closest congressional race is official, but it’s still not over. Republican Deborah Pryce was declared the winner yesterday by 1,054 votes over Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy in central Ohio’s 15th District.

With provisional and last-minute absentee ballots added to the totals, the margin narrowed so considerably from unofficial election-night returns that state law requires a recount. Pryce’s official margin was less than half a percentage point out of more than 220,000 votes cast.

Still, it was big enough for the fourth-ranking House Republican to declare victory more emphatically than she did Nov. 7.

"We do have a healthy four-digit lead," she said.

Words can barely express my joy at this result. Kilroy has run the Franklin County Commission like the North Pole: handing out goodies to people who are "nice" (belong to unions, donate to her campaign) while locking out hard-working citizens who are "naughty" (failing to do the above).

In addition, the ink was barely dry on Taft's tax increase (so much for it being "temporary!") when Kilroy began the process to raise taxes on county citizens (TEL anyone?)

While there is still a chance for Kilroy to steal the election (am I the only one who shivers at the thought of Democrats re-counting votes?), I expect Pryce to maintain her seat, though she has already announced that she is stepping down from her post as the 4th ranking Republican in the House. While Pryce is not conservative enough for me (who is?), I believe that she has done a good job in the House and she has earned my respect.

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