Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early Post-Mortem

First, to all you Petro-ites who stayed home, or who voted for Strickland, thank you. Thank you for sending Ohio to the worst business climate in the state. I also want to thank you for sending more jobs to other states. And I want to thank you for taking more of my money and putting it in the State Coffers.

Blackwell lost because, quite frankly, the party organization did not want him to win. He was never a yes man, never bowed to the special interest bloat that plagues this party. He was a breath of fresh air, which of course, Bob Bennett cannot understand because he is from Cuyahoga County. Bob Bennett's reign as chair will go down as a disaster, in that he could not deliver the governorship to us with a strong candidate and strong values.

Blackwell also lost because his campaign did not define his enemy soon enough. They followed the national GOP model of waiting til the last minute, and not letting their candidate get out and define Strickland. All Strickland had to do was parrot Petro's talking points. Thanks so much for that unity, Petrophiles, really.....

Strickland won because he was never defined. He played the faith card, he played the conservative card, and damned if the Republicans waited too late to jump on that. I am ashamed of many in the United Methodist Church who voted Strickland because he was an ordained minister, albeit one who supports partial birth abortion and gay marriage, but if you look at the way the Methodist Church is trending, that is no big surprise. It means my church will be taking some serious looks at leaving the Methodist church.

Strickland won because he was able to take his kook base, get them to be quiet, and create a unified front. They were able to play kook in Cuyahoga, but hardcore conservative in the heartland. Blackwell was too busy trying to gain 1-2 percent of the black vote in nw ohio.

The Ohio GOP will not get this message. Instead of doing what is needed, going further to conservative values: ie, balancing the budget, tax cuts, pro business; we instead will get more candidates in the line of Petro. In other words, look for a wishy washy sack of crap like John Kasich running for governor of Ohio in 2010. And look for another defeat. Until this party realizes that what is needed is a clear difference between us and them, rather than just shades of grayness and crap, you will see this crap.

Of course, no one will listen to us, why? Because we are just bloggers. Sure, we get mentions here and there at their "unity dinners" or at candidate training, but they refuse to listen to us, much to their own detriment.

Friends, maybe it is time we move the SOB to another state....I am thinking somewhere in the South, you know, where ALL THE JOBS are going.....


LargeBill said...

Blackwell and DeWine lost for basically the same reason. The voters didn't know their opponent but decided they wanted change. If voters understood how far left Strickland and Brown are there is no way they would have voted for them in those percentages.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Please do not forget the TEL back stabbing. Frankly, I almost abandoned Ken myself after that fiasco.

Your post is wonderful and I agree with almost all of it (as usual), but there is a couple of points where I disagree with you. I like Kasich; we would not have had a balanced budget w/o him.

Finally: Who said that the ORP will not learn? Let's take over the party! Are you with me?!

Let's ROCK!

Mark said...

Have you seen him on fox lately, Steve? He is moving further left all the time.....

I agree with attempting to take over, but too many in franklin and cuyahoga still control this party.....unfortunately.....

Paul A. Miller said...

Let me try to cheer you guys up:

A) Bob Bennett is gone. GONE!

B) Strickland faces a Republican-dominated General Assembly, swerving any proposal he wishes to pass sharply to the right.

C) Jon Husted is as likely a gubernatorial candidate in '08 as Kasich, and frankly, either is more conservative than most of the old guard being swept away tonight (Blackwell being the exception).

D) If Strickland continues the present Buckeye State mess for another four years, conservative Republicans will win. If Strickland builds a coalition with the right in the General Assembly which succeeds in pulling the state out of its abysmal Taftian condition, Ohio wins. Either way, conservatives ultimately win.

One more thought: The "Petro-ites" are a tiny portion of Republicans. The real difference in this election are all the blue-collar "Reagan Democrats" who just became "Strickland Republicans." They have swung the GOP's way in statewide races for a dozen-plus years, but now they've finally been alienated by Taft and the scandals, so they went the other way.

They can, of course, be lured back. It just takes a sensible platform led by a candidate who campaigns with the kind of character he promotes.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Yet Betty is acceptable? John is much more conservative than she is -- what gives?

Anonymous said...

Take it like a MAN for once in your life, Kelso! Blackwell lost because he is off his trolley and DeWine lost because he is a blood-sucking vampire!

If you want to move South to where all of the jobs went, you better learn Spanish. Be prepared to work for less than the minimum wage and don’t drink the water.

Grow up and get a job!

Your Pal,
Capt. Murdock

Big Red said...

Ken Blackwell for head of the Ohio Republican Party!!!!!!!